Dr. Wes: An Open Letter To Patients Regarding Health Reform

For those of us who end up pursuing and eventually actually having bariatric surgery – we think through a lot of things…  What if insurance doesn’t cover weight loss surgery?  What if you end up being a self-pay patient?  Will your follow-up care – whether it be a complication for surgery initially, or just routine care later (labs, DEXA scans, general stay healthy check-ups…) be covered?  There’s lots to think through.

Having traveled to Spain an even dozen times now for health-care related reasons, I can tell you some things about socialized medicine and how things look years down the line.  It’s interesting to hear from folks who live with those systems day-in and day-out.  Even more interesting to see how much more they spend out of pocket – simply out of motivation for basic quality – SAFE! – routine health care, than they ever dreamed possible.

It makes the current political issues – the big huge one this week – health care reform – a potentially really scary place to go.

If you read nothing else today – read this!

Dr. Wes: An Open Letter To Patients Regarding Health Reform.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Wes: An Open Letter To Patients Regarding Health Reform

  1. That letter is great.

    It is my belief that all insurance companies should be destroyed. I mean, if you think about it, the cost of health care has gone up since ‘insurance’ has been on the scene. My mother says without insurance, she paid $10 for my sister and I both to see the doctor. That was the full bill, there was no additional charge sent in the mail later. That $10 even covered prescriptions.

    And I’m only 33!

    • Leah,

      It wasn’t that long ago that we had $5 co-pays for doctor’s visits and RX’s. Gosh, we miss those days!

      I was just talking to a guy who lives in Norway today – the horror stories he had to tell about the health care system there (touted by political types in our country) were truly atrocious!

      Truly – socialized medicine is NOT the answer!

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