The Chicken Vortex

It’s a mystery. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But chickens have been disappearing here at our place.

This is very disconcerting.

First – it was Hallie. She’s one of the big girls. One of my super faithful layers – of course, she’s a Rhode Island Red. And she has her own special brand of wackiness. She can be really hilarious if you spend any time with her. She was last seen on the 3rd of June. Yes – that’s a whole week ago!

Then – last night – two of the baby Delawares turned up missing.

I love the Delawares. They’re so cool. They’re beautiful. They’re very social, and they’re reputed to be great layers, as well as excellent foragers and free-rangers. Just what we wanted! That’s why I ordered five of them! I want five of them! Now I only have three.

But what the heck is up with this?! Where are my chickens going?

Yes, there was a coyote in the back yard the night before last. Yes, we see raccoons in the yard every night, and nearly every early morning. Yes, we have hawks scoping the place out regularly. Yes, we have an unfenced yard – so neighborhood dogs could, theoretically snatch a chick or two.

The thing is – there’s no sign of struggle or evidence that any of them met with an untimely demise. No feathers. No blood. No pieces parts. (Sorry, gruesome, I know.)

And, for the most part – all of the girls stay pretty close to home – and more specifically, the coop and chicken yard. They know that’s where I bring them treats!




















My number one suspicion right now?

Predators of a human nature.

We live on a pretty busy street. People walk by, jog by, ride their bikes by. The city bus goes by. The school busses go by. People stop all the time to admire the chickens. Sometimes they stop and want to talk and ask questions about being having backyard chickens. I’m all for that. My thought is – did someone more than admire? Did they decide they wanted a few chickens for their own little flock?

Darn it all, I hope not.

So – we’re looking. Yes, I have missing chicken fliers. Lord, you know you’ve become a bonafide chicken nut when you put up missing chicken fliers!

This afternoon the boys and I are going to scope out the neighborhood a bit and see if maybe there’s a neighbor who has seen one or more of the missing girls. We’ve got quite a few chicken keeping neighbors, so hopefully one of them may have noticed something!

Come home girls! We miss you!

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