We need your help…

Our son, William (you can call him BiL if you spell it right – long story!) has decided to start an egg business. With the family, neighbors, and friends who are interested in eggs on a fairly regular basis – and quite a big interest from those who go by our place – it was decided that if we had some more chicks, we could probably have a pretty decent little egg business.

If you know anything about chicken keeping you’ll know that it’s not cheap or inexpensive. However, if you factor in what we paid for our not as good as what we grow for ourselves eggs in pre-chicken keeping days – it’s not THAT expensive. ($14 a week-ish for 40-free range eggs times 52 weeks – over $700 a year for eggs! So yeah – we’re doing just fine now!)

But we’ve got a dilemma.

We need a name for the Egg Business.

We want your input.

Would you help us?

William thinks “Hip Chick Eggs” is dumb – okay, the other words he’s used in conjunction to that name include stupid, bad, girly. But we’re striking out on coming up with an alternative.

Will you help? Just respond in the comments section, and then when we’ve got some options, we’ll post a poll where folks can vote – and then we’ll let you know what the winner is!


7 thoughts on “We need your help…

  1. Frankly I love the Hip Chick thing. Because even if it IS girly, where on earth do you think the eggs come from? Roosters? I think not! And those chicks are sure hip chicks!!

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