5 thoughts on “What the postman brought…

  1. I know! They’re so teensy and adorable! They hatched at 10am yesterday morning. They are (all pullets):

    2 Black Minorca
    3 Buff Minorca
    5 Delaware
    5 Speckled Sussex
    5 Cuckoo Maran
    5 Blue Andalusian
    5 Ameraucana

    We ordered them from Welp Hatchery in IA. I was SHOCKED at how quickly they got here to us after hatching. Thus far all are happy, healthy, and doing beautifully.


  2. Awwwwww! It’s so much fun recieving chicks in the mail! It’s like an Easter gift just for you! 🙂

    Congrat on your little peepers!

    Will you show a pic of your Cuckoo Marans? I have a dream to have a couple of them. They lay those dark chocolate egss. So pretty!

    You will love the Speckled Sussex. They are my favorite. So tame, sweet, gentle, calm…and so pretty! And it’s a bonus that they are a heritage breed, too.

    Have fun!

  3. Hey Lisa,

    Yes! The Cuckoo Maran’s are gorgeous and lay the most amazing eggs! We have one that’s about a year old (her name is BB – you can find pictures of her if you use the label function on the right hand side). I honestly can’t tell which of the chicks are the Cuckoo Maran’s though – BB was originally supposed to be a Dominique – but was an “oops” – and well, we couldn’t have been happier with that boo boo!

    I keep hearing GREAT things about the Speckled Sussex – I’m SO looking forward to getting to know all of these new girls!

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