Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides

If you haven’t ever seen this – it’s a must read! It’s the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides and it lays out very clearly how likely it is the fruits and vegetables you purchase will expose you to – in some cases – multiple pesticides in just one bite!

There’s even a printable list with the highlights of the list that you can pop into your wallet or purse so you can buy knowledgeably:

Here’s the link:

Be sure to check out the different tabs across the top of the header on the page – it will show you various different tidbits of info.

I’m totally bummed about peaches! Dang – I think we’re gonna have to plant a peach tree!

What do you make of this?


Here’s the brief quip about it: S.425 Title: A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to provide for the establishment of a traceability system for food, to amend the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspections Act, the Egg Products Inspection Act, and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to provide for improved public health and food safety through enhanced enforcement, and for other purposes.

Some are saying it will be the end of the home organic garden – and quite possibly, the home backyard chicken flock.

I need to go back and read it without post-anesthesia haze and see what I can decipher.

This has the potential to be not pretty.

Surgery tomorrow…

Yes, again.
This time – left ankle reconstruction. You see there’s this necrotic bone – kinda like your bone getting a cavity, and they’ve gotta take the bad part out, and then fill it… Then there’s the whole alignment thing – nothing aligns the way it’s supposed to… Then there’s the fix the ligament thing… And the possible add a tendon thing… And the release some of the muscle (?) from the back of my calf thing….

I typically can tell you in very exacting medical language exactly what an upcoming surgery will entail and give fairly detailed specifics. Not so much this time!

Dang, this complex orthopedics stuff is a little hard to keep straight.

But these things I do know:

1. I’ve got a 10:30 am surgery time.

2. I’ll probably be in the hospital 2 or 3 days.

3. I may or may not be on low molecular weight heparin injections following surgery.

4. I will be non-weight bearing for 4 to 6 weeks.

5. I’ll be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks.

My surgeon has prescribed a knee scooter for me for after surgery. Initially I’ll use a regular walker – but get a gander at the knee scooter – it’s kinda trippy:

I think it’ll work out well – and will definitely make the whole non-weight bearing thing more livable.

So – here in the last few minutes before midnight I’m getting caught up on my to-do list, sipping lots of iced green tea, and trying to remember if there’s anything else I ought to pack in my bag for the hospital.
I gotta be honest – getting my head around this surgery has been pretty wierd. Every other surgery I’ve ever had has always included, “And of course, we’ll want you up and walking as soon as possible.” Not with this one. It’s gonna be wierd.
I’m determined to be a good patient, though – and will try really hard to follow the rules. My surgeon says if I’m good, then he might let me drive after 2 weeks. I’m gonna be good!
So… time for me to get some sleep! I’ve got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Signs of Spring

Look! Little wood violets – they’re here! Hooray! (They didn’t even seem to mind the snow the day after this was taken.)

And yes – those are daffodils thinking VERY seriously about blooming!

And this is the pole sugar snap peas package….

…and the Oregon sugar pod peas package….

…which can only mean: we’ve got actual seed in the ground! Woo Hoo! Garden 2009 is off and running!

We’re actually feeling a little behind. Well, in some things at least. John has been hard at work expanding the garden. We’ve had a decent representation of seeds that we had every intention of having started by now. Last night we finally completed the balance of our seed order. Phew! Now all we need to do is decide on which variety (varieties?) of potatoes we want to grow in the potato condo that we want to give a whirl this year. I hope to have a good portion of our seed started in the coming week…
I also want to set up the AeroGarden that my AMAZING and FABULOUS husband gifted me with for Christmas and Birthday this year. (I’ve been interested in them for ages.) But since I’m having ankle reconstruction surgery tomorrow and will be non-weight bearing for 4 to 6 weeks – I’m not gonna rush it. Shhh…. I secretly have a goal of that being one of the first projects that I complete once I’m home from the hospital. They’re saying I’ll probably only be hospitalized for 2 or 3 days, so maybe before the weekend is over even! Wouldn’t that be cool?
And… after much debate, much going back and forth, actual placing of orders, and subsequent canceling of orders, we’ve finally decided we ARE going to add new chicks to the flock this year. The order actually just went in tonight, and sometime in the coming weeks we’ll be getting several of the following breeds: Sussex, Minorca, Delaware, Andalusian, Americauna, and Cuckoo Maran. You can rest assured that there will be lots of pictures when the little fluff balls arrive.
John, in the meantime, has been brainstorming and designing an addition to the coop that will allow us to adequately accomodate an expanded flock. We’re also thinking seriously about fencing about half of the property – not only to keep the girls in (I’m getting tired of chasing them home from down the street!), but also to keep the deer out of the garden. We’ll see…
So – I’m excited. I’m so ready for Spring!