12 Weeks Post-Op

It’s funny – when you’re a brand new baby post-op – 12 weeks sounds ETERNAL. Here I sit – 12 weeks and 2 days post-op and it seems like a little blip on the radar! How’d the time fly by so quickly?

So… looking back, what do I think about having had this revision?

1. It was a good thing. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

2. It’s amazing how quickly as a post-op we go back to pre-op behaviors – even when we think we haven’t! 🙂

3. Having ghrelin curtailed is a very, very, very good thing.

4. Eating is still a chore – but a heck of a lot easier than it was, oh say 8 weeks ago!

5. I think my taste buds have gone on vacation! Stuff that I normally LOVE just doesn’t do it for me any more. Most importantly – stuff I like to drink – and it’s making getting and staying hydrated difficult… very difficult.

6. I like being 30 pounds lighter.

7. Getting all of those vitamins in is HARD with a teensy tiny tummy!

I think the thing that has been the biggest struggle in the recent few weeks has been the taste bud thing. I’ve been a green tea girl – for YEARS – like a LOT of years. I can’t stand the stuff now. It’s so bizarre. Know what I want? I mean REALLY want? A Coke. An iced cold, almost hurts it’s so cold, Coke. Coke has not passed these lips in almost 2 years. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME?! It’s so wierd. I’m dealing with it, though. Hot tea (English Breakfast is really floating my boat right now) is the way to go for now. I did go through a little fruit juice thing for a while – owie! Hurt my poor bottom! Not pretty! Not going there again!

Food gets better bit by bit. There’s not really anything that I would truly classify as “loving” food wise. There are things that are more preferable than others (like, caesar salad versus steak – before, it would have been both; now – it’s the salad!). I still unilaterally hate pretty much all fast food – which means that I’ve got to be prepared when I head out places. Not only do I hate the food, but bringing something along to drink is very important, too – cause no more just whipping through Starbucks to get my iced green tea to tide me for a while. Sad.

By and large, food is tolerated. I guess that’s why I weigh 30 pounds less, huh?

I broke down and did measurements this morning, too – here you go:

My Body Measurements

Date Neck Bicep Forearm Bust Waist Hips Thigh Calf
2/4/2009 12.75 13.5 9.5 40 35 40 22.5 15
1/5/2009 12.75 14 10 40.5 37 40 24 16
12/8/2008 13.25 15 10.5 41.5 40 43 24 16

I sure wish I’d measured before surgery, dang it!

So – that’s the scoop. I’m gonna try and get some pictures taken tonight and I’ll post ’em, okay? And I’m going to try and do better about updating more frequently, too. Really!


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