My chickens are hilarious!

They think no one is looking… that no one knows they’re stealing cat food. Oh, but we know! So do the cats! Caleb (who could be a stunt double for Garfield ANY day) is particularly unamused. But – the truth of the matter is this: the cats are afraid of the chickens – so the chickens eat the cats food! Here’s sweet Henrietta. Poor baby! This morning I went out to let the girls out of the coop and give them a little treat. Everyone raced out of the coop and I opened the big door, and there’s Henrietta – perched up on the roost – pretty high up, to be honest. I talked to her for a minute, then got out of her way – it looked like she was getting ready to hop or fly down. And off I went… I had a doctor’s appointment this morning – a long one!

When I got home at noon I went out to let the girls out of the chicken yard so that they could free range. They went giddily running into the yard and I did a quick head count… “Where’s my Henrietta?” I asked Millie. She squawked at me and then ran off to find bugs. So, I thought – “I should check the coop.”

What should I find? Poor Henrietta! Stuck up on the roost – right where I’d left her – HOURS earlier! So I lifted her down and put her out into the yard.

She pretty much spent the entire day very quietly. Yesterday, honestly, she was far more active – and loud. Today she pretty much hung out close to the coop. Her closed eye does open just a teensy bit now – hooray! And her bald spots are sporting little bits of new feather growth.

Did I remember to announce to the world that Crayon is laying now? Here she is with Rooth. Crayon’s eggs are a slightly pink tinged very pale tan color. And they’re pretty darn big! Like 2.25 ounces. Wow! Some day, I suppose, we’ll name the Welsumers. I think that would have to be precipitated by our being able to tell them apart… So – since we’re not there – here’s one of the five Welsumers! LOL!

Ducky is a riot – she actually poses for pictures. She’s so cute!

Here’s another of the Welsumers… Isn’t her coloring lovely?

And here is super goofy Angel. Angel is the California White with blue eyes. At least I think they’re blue. She also has the distinction of being one VERY curious chicken! When I put the camera down to her eye level she comes charging closer – trying to figure out just what exactly that thing is!

Hence, I get some truly hilarious pictures of her!

Today is one of those days when being out in the yard with the girls was just the right thing to do. Especially after hearing that I need another surgery – one that will require me to put NO weight on my left foot for at least a month. Sigh. Thanks to the girls, though, I was able to end the day with more than one laugh!

8 thoughts on “My chickens are hilarious!

  1. Oh no! What’s going on with your foot?!
    I can feel your pain. I’ve been housebound for 3 weeks after I fell off my horse on Christmas Eve and then had knee reconstructive surgery last week. I can barely walk. I missed me critters most of all.

    My kids brought my chickens inside for a visit. I was SOOO happy!

    Angel cracks me up. I love her wattles and comb. They look so soft.

    Poor Henrietta. I hope she feels better soon.

    Best wishes and speedy healing for your foot, too.


  2. Having recently had surgery myself – it’s the pits! but I, at least could put weight on both feet. Take some time to rest, maybe?
    Loved seeing Rooth!
    If the economy wereen’t so bad, I’d be loving me some chickens about now…phooey!
    Will be thinking about you and yours,

  3. I love these pics. They are all so different and interesting!

    I can’t wait til ours start laying eggs!

    I would love to name ours as well but I can’t tell them apart! 🙂

  4. Well, we shall be joining the chicken crowd soon! Getting some Buff Orpington’s at the end of January/early February!
    Tee hee hee! Fresh eggs!

  5. Hi! Awesome chickens! Do you ever have problems with rodents? I want to make chickens legal in my town, but the board of health is worried about rodents… if so, what do you do to prevent them? thanks!

  6. Hey Pam!

    We are so fortunate – we live in an unincorporated area of our county – and the only regulation is that our chickens be housed in a sanitary and healthy manner. If you haven’t found Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens (check – get it! A must have!

    We don’t have rodents at all with our chickens. But then we have a dog and two serious hunter cats. Plus – if our chickens ever saw a rodent – they’d be after it in a heartbeat and would maim it in moments!

    Check with your county and city – ask them for a print out (or URL for their web site if they have one) on the regulations regarding urban chickens. If they don’t have one – consider borrowing regulations from other cities to share with them!

    Hope you get chickens soon – they’re GREAT!

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