It’s a little bit scary…

I admit it – it’s something that apparently everyone should be comfortable with – but I’m not! I’m not good at it. Well – I am for other people – just not so much for myself.

I think – to be perfectly honest – the root of that discomfort has to do with the fact that I don’t really – when it comes right down to it – know how to dress myself.

Yes, I’m talking about shopping.
I should interject here that I am the offspring of an accomplished shopper. If it were possible for a person to have a degree in shopping – my mother would have had a PhD in it and her practicum would have been breath-taking. I know I was a bit of a disappointment to her – being that I grew up HATING shopping. I must have more of my Dad in me than she bargained on… cause he hated shopping, too.
I had to go today. There was a memorial service tonight, and my baggy jeans just don’t cut it in the dressed appropriately for the memorial service genre.
Why did I only allow myself 35 minutes to shop?
But, for 35 minutes, I didn’t do so bad.
First – can I just say that it doesn’t fill me with confidence when I walk into the Rack and look around and realize everyone BUT ME looks exactly like they know what they’re doing and are completely comfortable with it?!
I admit it – I stood there for a good minute trying to decide which area I’m supposed to shop in. The jeans I had on at that moment were a size 16 – so that’d put me in the plus size section. But they were baggy… so maybe the regular section. But I’m short (really short) – so does that mean I go to the petite section? I was standing there looking from one section to the next when my eye alighted on a black t-shirt that I thought was cute… I bet someone with a PhD in marketing knew that would happen!
Of course – then the big dilemma – which size?!
I circled the rounder looking at various sizes before it hit me (not the rounder – an idea!) – I could try stuff on! So I picked up one or two of the shirt I liked in different sizes and moved on.
I waffled between slacks and skirt for some time before I decided to take some of each to the fitting room.
And I eventually grabbed a couple of sweaters to try on, as well.
So off to the fitting room I went.
Guess what!
I tried on size 12 jeans.
THEY FIT. Like – easily. Like – maybe they’re a little bit roomy. BUT – they’re also a foot too long for me, so I put them aside. (Plus, they were totally not on the appropriate for a memorial service to do list!)
Before it was all said and done I made my Mamma proud!
Remember the cute black t-shirt? I chose a size Large – I don’t know, I’m a little too busty for a Medium and the XL was woefully too large. Here’s the tag for it:

Yep – it used to be $28, then got marked down to $15.90, and I paid $9.97 for it. Not bad, huh?!

I ended up buying two skirts – cause I couldn’t find a shirt – maybe blouse is what it’s really called that would be appropriate for skirt – but thought I might have something at home that would work. The first one is a plain, black, just-below-the-knee length very attractive skirt. It started out at $78.00, got marked down to $19.97 and then had the 60% off the lowest price sticker, meaning that I paid $7.99 for this lovely little skirt! It was a size 14, by the way – I don’t know – I think I was afraid to buy a 12, and I know it’s a little big, but well, it’s what I bought. This, by the way, was the skirt I ended up wearing this evening – and it worked out beautifully.

And the third item – the second skirt, which was a cream, gray, and black patterned skirt of about the same styling as the other – and really is quite pretty. I thought I had a blouse that went with it – but I was wrong. Dang it! BUT – this one had my Mom smiling down from heaven giving me my shopping gold star for the day:

Yes, this skirt started out at $348.00, got marked down eventually to $89.97, and has the wonderous 75% off last marked price sticker on it! I paid $22.49 for it. WOW!

So – it was with quite a bit more confidence that I left the Nordstrom Rack than I entered it!

Next assignment: jeans that fit!


One thought on “It’s a little bit scary…

  1. Loved your post, Dina. Great bargains! Your mother would be so proud of you. Expect that the size 14 will soon be too big but understand your current inability to envision yourself in smaller sizes. Enjoy the ride!
    Wendy (and Jeff, of course)

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