Shhh…. Don’t tell her I blogged about her!

This is my beautiful daughter.

Last evening – okay, actually late afternoon, she did something to completely change the demographics of our household. I’m still reeling a little bit…

Yes, folks, we are now – officially – a three licensed driver household.

Oh my!

How did that happen? I mean – I know I say this too often in my life – but she really was just 2 the other day… beautiful, amazing, full of life, and going a bazillion miles a minute – and TWO. How did 16 happen so quickly?

She’s been hinting for MONTHS that she thinks she should be driving an adorable butter yellow VW bug – one of the new ones.

She has all of the confidence in the world that she will have a perfect driving record and never have a single mishap – may it be so!

She wants to do things like… drive to church for youth group all by herself.

When I was 16 I drove to Los Angeles from Portland by myself for the first time. Why am I so uptight about her driving the four minutes down the road to church? Okay – honestly, the trip to church doesn’t worry me so much. It’s the trips – well – pretty much EVERYWHERE else!

I asked a friend today – who is the mother of five children – three of whom are licensed drivers – if she ever got over the feeling of impending terror. She thought a minute, paused, and then said, “Um… no.”

I think part of what makes the whole thing so – well – daunting – is the fact that she’s young for her grade – and she’s talking about COLLEGE – like seriously. Like, “let’s fly across the country (ACROSS THE COUNTRY!) and check out this really cool college in the Spring, Mom & Dad!”

I don’t think I’m ready for her to grow up quiet yet. Can’t I have a rewind on a couple of the years? She is – quite possibly – the best kid on the planet, and I don’t want her growing up and going away. There – I admitted it. I’m already starting to miss her.

So… don’t tell her I blogged about her. I don’t think she’d be amused.

4 thoughts on “Shhh…. Don’t tell her I blogged about her!

  1. Hi Dina,
    I found you from my blog. It seems we have many of the same loves…our husbands, our three kids, numerous pets, tomatoes and blackberries! I have thought about raising chickens, but don’t have the courage…yet. I’ll be back to see how it’s going for you!

  2. She is so so pretty. Having been through four of those “new drivers” I can only say each and every one killed me. But now that they are grown I don’t worry nearly as much…except if it snows. It’s hard watching your babies grow up.

  3. OH MY. I agree, I don’t see how it is possible that she is old enough to drive a car already. She is SO pretty.

    My family has survived 4, soon to be 5 drivers, so we will keep our hopes high. 🙂

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