Eight Weeks Post-Op

So I broke down and did my measurements today.

Here’s the results – changes since December 8, 2008 to today:

Neck: – 0.5″
Bicep: – 1″
Forearm: – 0.5″
Chest: – 1″
Waist: – 3″
Hips: – 3″
Thigh: no change
Calf: no change

WOW! I’m so surprised!

I did weigh myself the other day, too. (I’m just getting over the stomach flu, so I kinda forgot about weighing today.) I now weigh 167 pounds, meaning I’ve lost 23 pounds since surgery.

And this is how much extra room there is in my jeans… yeah, that’s why they can go on and off without unbuttoning and unzipping them, and why I gotta yank them up so many times a day.

I guess this means I’ve got to face facts and find something a little more appropriate in size!

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