Found – one chicken!

Every morning I don appropriate clothing – this particular season of freezing temperatures and snow calls for many layers and good sturdy shoes – and go out to care for the chickens. Some might dread this sort of thing, but honestly, I enjoy it. I love talking to the girls – they’re so fun – sometimes they actually talk back, in their own chicken-y ways. It’s always fun to check up on them, interact a bit – they love being petted, and Millie (who is queen of the flock nowadays) always has a report to offer. I bring them fresh water, fill up their feeder, and then gather the eggs.

Today was no different from any other morning, really. My morning routine has been altered slightly since Shelly is broody and in the pantry – and this morning I planned to clean out her temporary housing (she wasn’t amused, btw) and check on her overall health.

I’d gotten the flock cared for, got some pine shavings and went to the pantry to deal with Shelly – and heard a car pull up, and after a moment, a door close. I assumed this meant that John was off work early… only, he never came in. I opened the pantry door and what did I find?

A chicken.

What appears to be an Americauna.

On the top rack next to the door.

Looking, well, a little confused.

!!!!!!! Here she is… Isn’t she cute?

I was worried about taking her out to the coop right away – but I figured it was warm – I could babysit – and she could get food to start things off…

Here’s Rooth giving her the once over – making sure she’s okay to be in her coop. Millie looks on thoughtfully… trying to figure out if she’s seen this one before!

A lot of thoughts are going through my head by this point in time… Like:
Did someone drop her off?
Or did she loose her way and somehow make it through over a foot of snow and land on the top of the rack of shelves next to the pantry door?
How old is she?
Do we get to keep her?
Is she really an Americauna?
Isn’t she adorable?
So, of course, I couldn’t keep this news to myself, and so I went and woke William up to tell him.

He was so excited he threw on shoes and raced out to the coop – while wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and SHORTS! – to see the new arrival!
He said, “She does look like an Americauna, doesn’t she?” Then, he thought an moment and added, “I think we should name her Crayon – if she lays colorful eggs, anyway. Maybe we should wait and name her, though…”

So, after a little sojourn with the girls in the coop, we brought her back inside to the newly modified dog bed to spend the day. We don’t want the bossy girls to be mean to her, so will wait until after dark – after the lights have shut off – to relocate her into the coop on one of the roosts.
So – the plan at present is to make her comfortable… and quietly hope she really was a gift! Hmmm… maybe we should call her Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Found – one chicken!

  1. She looks very similar to my Sparrow, an Ameraucana. Hopefully this gal will lay you some easter eggy eggs. Sparrow lays brown.

    How funny that a new chicken has found it’s way to you. She has picked you guys. I say she’s yours now. 🙂

  2. That’s definitely an Ameraucana. Because she’s not Standard bred, a lot of folks would probably call her an Easter Egger.

    I have two, they’re hardy and the light green eggs are great.

    With a new bird, the advice I heard is to quarantine her for a while so as not to get your flock sick. But since you’ve already allowed her to mix, I’d say let her stay!

  3. Hey Danni,

    Wild, huh? We haven’t had any eggs from her yet – I can’t decide how old she is… but at bedtime tonight she had chosen a nest box and had settled down. We’ll see if she lays or not!

    I’ve got to admit – we’re pretty attached to her!

  4. Steven,

    Of course! I can’t believe I didn’t eve think of quarantining her! But you’re right – she’s in and she’s settled – and getting along swimmingly, so I’ll let her be. She does have the look of a healthy girl about her, though – thankfully!

    Thanks so much for your valuable input!

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