My, it’s pretty!

This is the view out our front window this morning… Yeah, we got a bit more snow!I got up – put on my long johns, pulled on my jeans, found a nice warm sweater, pulled on my warm socks, boots, coat, scarf, hat – and set out… The snow came up to my knees is some places! I couldn’t even find the stepping stones!

And yes – getting the gates open was a bit of a chore! Not that lugging warm water out there to the girls isn’t!

Here’s the view past the coop out to the yard… isn’t it pretty? That’s my egg basket hanging on the fence post while I take care of other business.

The willow that the chicken coop is nestled under is beautiful with the ice and snow on it!

Oh! And we’ve had some really great visitors to the bird feeders the past few days! I think this is a Wood Pigeon – if the lady at the Audobon Society was correct in her identification.
It’s really a pretty big bird – but so graceful.

Speaking of birds… Rooth is determined to check out the snow every opportunity she gets! Problem is – she really doesn’t like it when her toes get cold! She flies places, finds herself kinda of stuck, and then waits – sometimes patiently, rarely quietly – until one of us comes and rescues her and takes her back to the warmth of the coop!

We have what seems to be a whole flock of robins that are hanging out – a lot! – in our crab apple tree. They come to the feeders for seed now and then, too. They must REALLY be hungry!

My Mom received a gift of a lovely little shrub from my friend Charissa (who used to work for my Mom years ago) for her birthday one year. Mom was adamant that we take it with us when we moved her out of the house we all grew up in – we transplanted the beautiful little shrub into two planters – and they have thrived.
Here’s a close-up of the snow and ice on it. It is lovely – but oh, you should see it in summer when it’s in bloom!

I should report that Shelly continues to sit on her eggs (and no! I’m not brave enough to reach under and take them away from her!) and be committed to future Mommy-hood. I’m still searching high and low for fertilized eggs. I really hope we can find some!

2 thoughts on “My, it’s pretty!

  1. Wow, your snow is just beautiful…but looks so cold. Rooth is endearing. Is she is a Leghorn? We have two leghorns that are also the most adventureous of all our chickens. They’ll try just about anything once. lol!

    The robins in the tree remind of Christmas ornaments. What fun!

    Stay warm!
    It’s snowing and blowing like wild horses here. Brrr!

    New Mexico

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Rooth is a California White – which is a cross between a White Leghorn and Barred Rock apparently – how we get little yellow fuzz balls with black polka dots as chicks, and then basically white hens later I just don’t get… But yes, she has very Leghorn-y tendancies! She keeps us laughing!

    Crazy weather, huh? Snow even in NM? I’ve got family there – but hadn’t heard much lately – I’ll have to check in! You stay warm, too! I know it can get bitterly cold there.

    We’re supposed to get another 2 to 4 inches of snow tonight… good grief!

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