A Huge Revelation

Something that I’ve been able to do since my original DS (July 2, 2002) is drink with my meals. I’d have a few nibbles of food, then a few sips of something to drink, then go on my merry way.

I must confess – food has not been that easy this time out.

About a week ago I had a nagging thought in the back of my brain. It would reoccur about the time I was suffering that horrible “one bite too many” sensation that we DS’ers sometimes experience… Only I was CERTAIN I’d not had one bite too many… I know my new tummy is tiny – I have more restriction now than I EVER had.

Then it hit me – kinda like a ton of bricks… (well, mostly because my husband has been whispering this in my ear over and over again and I just blatantly refused to believe it could be true!).

I can’t drink with meals any more.


I like drinking with my meals. It’s not like I want a gin on the rocks or anything! I want iced tea, for heaven’s sake!

But there just ain’t enough room at a meal for both food and drink. I gotta choose. That’s a hard choice.

Consequently…. I’m facing a bit of a learning curve here – and it’s hard. I admit it. All of you wonderful people I’ve lashed with a wet noodle for not doing a better job with hydration may now mock me – I give you permission. I concede – it’s hard! It’s really hard!

I’m trying really hard not to sound like a total whiner – but I am, huh?!

Okay – so just so we all know and are on the same page – I did WAY better today than I did yesterday. I did an easy 70 oz today. And I’m gonna work hard to keep up the hard work.

Now all I gotta do is remember to eat!

2 thoughts on “A Huge Revelation

  1. You know every time I read your revelations I smile. I know that you walked in our shoes before and that’s why you are such a good mentor/motivator/behind kicker/friend to those who have the DS, but I think the reminders are good too. You’re reminding me what it was like and what I’ve selectively forgotten. I *could* get in more protein in a meal if I stopped drinking the iced tea. I have gotten in such a habit now of eating by the clock because I rarely feel hungry since the DS. I need to stop that and start listening to my body again (and drop the 5 pounds I’ve picked up since Thanksgiving).

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