How cold is too cold?

In most people’s homes the temperature gague below would read:


Indoor Temperature

Outdoor Temperature

In our home, the temperature gague reads:

Time (an hour off because we couldn’t figure out how to change it after the end of Daylight Savings time!)

Indoor Temperature

Chicken Coop Temperature!

John has not only set up the temperature gauge so that we can see that it’s 25 stinking degrees in the coop this morning….

But he’s also stapled up old towels over the vents in the coop to keep the snow from blowing in (as you can see below). Weeks and weeks ago he put two heat lamps out there connected to a temperature sensitive plug in thingey that turns on when the temperature dips down below 37 degrees. Smart, huh? Especially since it’s like 23 degrees outside right now, and with the wind chill – more like 8 degrees!


This morning when I went out to check on the girls and take them some warm water (’cause everything had frozen over, of course!) – and I was surprised at how much warmer it seemed in the coop – well, you know, compared to being outside in the wicked winter weather!

And the girls seemed quite content to stay in their coop and just hang out! They didn’t even make a run for the open door – like normal – in fact, they just kinda looked at me with disdain for letting the draft in!

You gotta admit, though – it’s pretty!

The kids are thrilled, of course, that school is cancelled today. There is even rumor among the masses that this may be an early start to Christmas Break. I’ll believe that when I see it!
But there are a couple of bummers associated with the disruption in life as we know it – because, if you know anything about this part of the country in winter time, you may well know that when we see the first snowflake the world comes to a screeching halt…
First, a certain 16 year old who had an appointment to take her driver’s test on Thursday will have to reschedule. (An ice storm is predicted for mid-week.)
And second, the girls’ weekend away in Seattle may have to be disrupted as well… they’re saying massive snow storm over the weekend.
We’ll see, though. Afterall, the track record of our weather forecasters is far from perfect!

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