I guess this means it’s winter….

We were given the forecast on Saturday evening that Sunday we’d wake up to snow. As is often the case here in the lovely Pacific Northwest – there are dire warnings of “wicked winter weather” (one news station in particular has an affinity for this phrase!). More often than not, however, it turns out to be nothing – a total bust – much to the kids’ disgust.

So we awakened Sunday morning and rushed to the window…. Would there be the 1 to 3 inches of snow predicted?


Nada. Nothin. It was stinking cold. But no snow. Bummer.

But as we were getting ready for church one of the kids yelled (it must have been William), “I see snow flakes!” And sure enough there were a few tiny little flakes descending from the sky.

Well – isn’t that nice?! A few flakes to five the kids their snow fix! Thought I as I went on my way getting ready for church.

Yeah – didn’t stay just a few courtesy flakes. It actually started to accumulate! Wow! Maybe they got the forecast right afterall!

By the time we left for church there was a decent smattering of snow on the ground.
The girls seemed a little puzzled by it, but didn’t pay it much mind.

The yard even took on that lovely wintry look with a dusting!

And it certainly didn’t detain the girls from their warm oatmeal and berries treat for the morning!
Pepper – on the other hand – was over the moon about the snow! She wanted out to run and play and jump and bark at the snowflakes!

She was definitely in her element! Jessica even went out and tried to put together snowballs to throw to the dog to catch – but the snow was very powdery and that didn’t work so well!

Caleb, as it turned out, had other plans for the day. He went and settled himself on top of my sewing “basket” (which is actually just a plastic bin with a lid full of projects that I think I ought to do) to do a little bird watching…

You gotta admit – it is lovely to watch them! And there were so many that came to feed – a much wider variety than we might normally expect.

Caleb did have his moments of excitement – where he tried to climb the window sill to try and reach a bird or two out in the dogwood!

But the birdies were safe!

I think this one might be a towhee… But we even saw a few robins trying to get to the feeders yesterday! Wild!

All in all – we had quite a little bit of accumulation before the day was done. Something in the 3 to 4 inches of snow range. We are up the hill a bit with a little more elevation, so that makes sense.

4 thoughts on “I guess this means it’s winter….

  1. I just can’t get over the fact that summer felt way too short and it feels like I was *just* here…looking out my window at the snow… Winter. again.
    Only this time, with chickens.
    I worried about them so much last night! It was 23 degrees in the coop this morning, even with the heat lamp.

  2. I know Danni – it’s just wierd, isn’t it?! Although, I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t so sure I was ready for Christmas because it was so warm and balmy when I was in Spain! This has certainly turned my heart toward things Christmasy!

  3. Your dog is beautiful! She’s an aussie, right? We raise mini aussies here and we love them. They are so personable and athletic.

  4. Thanks! Yes, she is an Aussie. She’s double registered – but had huge hormonal issues, so we ended up having her spayed. What a bummer.

    She is a total riot – especially in the snow! We love her much.

    I’ve actually never seen mini aussie’s – something tells me they’re probably more the size we ought to have as renters, tho! 🙂

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