A 12 Egg Day!!!

We decided about a month ago we ought to keep a tally on the calendar in the kitchen on how many eggs we got a day. We’d gotten kind of lax in keeping track, and thought with all of the girls coming into lay – well, it’d be good to know.

I will admit that we haven’t been 100% faithful at recording – but we’ve actually done fairly well. With 14 laying pullets (excluding Speedy who is still at Rancho de Kao – we miss her!) here are our tallys:

October 26: 6 eggs
October 27: 7
October 28: 7
October 29: 7
October 30: 10
October 31: 8
November 1: 9
November 2: 7
November 3: 9
November 4: 7
November 5: 8
November 6: 8
November 7: ??
November 8: 9
November 9: 8
November 10: 8
November 11: 7
November 12: 8
November 13: 7
November 14: 8
November 15: 8
November 16: 11
November 17: 10
November 18: 8
November 19: 7
November 20: 7
November 21: 6
November 22: 9
November 23: 7
November 24: 5
November 25: 5
November 26: 8
November 27: 11
November 28: 7
November 29: 10
November 30: 12

That’s a lot of eggs!

And of these eggs we’ve had everything from pretty tiny eggs to just a fraction shy of 3 ounce eggs. They are white, the palest blush, tan, light brown, brown, and so brown they’re almost magenta. They’re really beautiful eggs. And yummy, too.

Of course, for two of those weeks we were in Spain and our substitute chicken wrangler kept track for us.

So what have we been doing with all those eggs? Well – eating them. And we’ve got some friends who have shared some, as well. We’ve got a few people who are interested in purchasing them – in fact, we’ve actually got a couple of “customers” who have a standing order.

William is so inspired by the whole thing that he’s decided he should start an egg business. He wants to buy some Americauna chicks from a breeder in the Spring and get a nice colorful array of eggs for the sampling of eggs he wants to sell. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂

I have to say – I had a couple of occasions to see chickens from afar while in Spain. I actually asked John to stop – turn around – and go back! I wanted to see those chickens! Unfortunately, we were on the toll road when that happened and there was no turn around possible, so I had to admire from afar. I missed the girls while I was gone!

So it’s good to be home – and still fun and exciting to be enjoying our chickens!


2 thoughts on “A 12 Egg Day!!!

  1. Wow Spain! You will have to blog about your adventures. My son lived in Spain for two years and loves it. In fact he plans on going back to live when he finishes up his Ph.D.
    Great work by the hens on those eggs. Wow!

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