Thanksgiving as a baby post-op…

We went to my uncle’s home for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. I knew going into it that I’d only be able to take nibbles. That didn’t bother me. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I’d end up throwing together a little vinaigrette for the salad. In normal me fashion, I’d throw some stuff in, take a little taste on cucumber, and then adjust. What I failed to factor in is that only 2 small slices of cucumber would fill me up ALL the way.


I did finally end up getting some bites of mashed potato and gravy and some stuffing (all chock full of celery and onions – yummy!), and a couple of little nibbles of the turkey dark meat. It was good. But it was, well, a little sad.

Know what I wanted the very most?

A big old plate of salad! Salad so isn’t happening right now!

I will say that I did start the day out right. We picked up a quiche at Marie Callendar’s yesterday, so I cut off a small slice of that, warmed it up and nibbled on it throughout the morning. That was good, and nice and high protein.

So here it is early evening…. later that I’ve been able to stay up thus far! Woo Hoo! And you know what I want now? A left-over turkey sandwich. Guess I gotta face facts that we have no turkey and that sandwich is completely out of the question for me right this moment….

So – what was the overriding theme for the day?

Was it the fact that I didn’t get to eat everything that I wanted? Nope.

We actually went around the room as we paused for prayer this afternoon’s dinner and all said what we were thankful for… overriding theme for the day – our profound thankfulness for our family – the ones we were fortunate enough to spend the day with.

And I’m thankful for a great surgery, a good outcome thus far, and the blessing of being able to even pursue this surgery. I am richly blessed, indeed.

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