This is our last morning in Altea. To the left is Denise from Canada, who had surgery on the day I was discharged from the hospital. She’s obviously doing fabulously!This is me 7 days post-op and on our balcony of our room in Altea.
Here are John and I on the evening of the 17th in Madrid – at the Flamenco show that we took in that evening. That was such a fun night!

This is the morning of the 21st – the morning after we arrived home. I asked John to take pictures of me for the blog… he did and then he said, “But you should take the sweater off – it camoflages too much.” To which I said, “DUH! Why do you think I wear one?! Well, except for the fact that I’m always cold!”

BTW, I’d lost 10 pounds at this point in time. Below are the pictures without the :ahem: camoflage!

I’ll take more pictures on Monday since that will be three weeks from surgery.

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