13 Days Post-Op – again!

It’s kinda funny… I know all of the stuff there is to know about being an early post-op. For heavens’ sake I lived it July 2002 with my original DS. It really is still fairly fresh in my mind. Then, add on top of that the fact that I’ve been granted the extreme privilege of getting to walk along side lots of post-ops as they’ve gone through the same early post-op stuff and allowed me to coach them along… My husband and son included!

I know it.

I understand it.

I totally get it – why stuff happens and when.

What’s kind of comical is the fact that when you throw in that free radical estrogen is at play as fat cells are being depleted of their stores – is the emotional factor that almost negates all of the stuff I’m supposed to know!

Case in point…

I always tell patients, “Never buy a lifetime supply of ANYTHING as an early post-op. You’ll love it this morning, but you may well hate it by early evening.”

I know that in my head, but when I taste something that may as well have been served by angelic beings on gilded platters (otherwise known as simple fruit juice – this was about a week ago) I’m positive that I will NEVER tire of it.


I’m totally sick of fruit juice now. Couldn’t pay me enough to choke any more down. Now it’s iced green tea or nothing. Well, except for maybe hot tea of various kinds. Hallelujah for tea!

This morning John and I made a huge batch of cream of potato soup with some finely chopped ground beef in it to add a boost of protein. OH MY WORD! It’s amazing. I love it! I’m so glad I made a huge pot of it. (Forgetting that I have a very tiny tummy, of course! LOL!) I’ll want to consume only this for the rest of my life. I said to John, “This is easily the best soup I’ve ever made.” He looked at me, then responded, “That’s your surgery talking.” Yeah, he knows. 🙂

So how’s it going at 13 days post-op the second round? (The first round being July 2002.) Good. I had kinda a barfy day yesterday. I don’t know if it was exhaustion, dehydration, or what, but I felt all day long like I was about ready to hurl. Didn’t actually barf at all, but kinda wished I could. I sipped my fluids all day long – most of them super iced, because night before last all of a sudden super iced was THE best thing on the planet. Along early evening came last night and I switched to hot stuff – and voila! The baryness went away. Go figure.

The jet lag is still doing it’s crazy stuff. I fell asleep probably by about 8pm last night. That’s actually pretty good for this stage of the game – but then I was up wide awake and raring to go at 3am this morning. That really is a pretty good night’s sleep for me, so no wonder. But it would be good to get that normalized a little more – and soon. Life picks up at high speed, well, actually starting today.

I did have the requisite totally wiped out body clock completely confused, don’t know what time of day or night, totally exhausted jet laggy kind of day yesterday. MJ, Ann, and I all felt encouraged that we were expericiencing it simultaneously! It’s always good to have surgery pals!

Well, I’ve got pictures to post – but I’m too tired to mess with them right now. We’ve got church this morning, so I’ll get a little cat nap and then get ready for my day – I may even break down and wear make-up!

Pictures later – I promise!

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