We’re in Madrid!

Okay – so I should probably preface this by saying that while I *love* my life in the burbs on our wonderful 1/2 acre with our kids and chickens and cats and dog… I love Madrid.

It’s beautiful…

It’s historic…

It’s exciting…

It’s pretty much the heartbeat of Spain.

I usually spend just a few days in Madrid on the way out of Spain – but it’s possible to do quite a bit in even just a couple of days.

One of the things that I recommend whole-heartedly is taking in a Flamenco show. If you’re gonna do it, then choose the best – Corral de la Moreria. Most hotel concierge services (aka front desk clerk) can call and get you a reservation. Shows are at 9:30 pm and midnight. I’ve been to both – both are fabulous.

So fabulous, in fact, I just gotta share:

Obviously, we went last night – just a few hours after having arrived in Madrid. This is just a snippet – but you cannot sit through a flamenco show and not be moved.


It was amazing. I will also interject here that we three post-op girls managed to find stuff to nibble on – while the guys ate like kings. It was all I could do to keep from hitting John over the head and stealing his leg of lamb! LOL!

Today we’re going to take the Madrid Vision tour bus today with a plan to take in the Prado – the world’s largest art museum. That should be awesome.

More to report later!

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