5 Days Post-Op – Again!

When you’re 5 days post-op when you’re a “virgin” DS every day is amazing – a little scary, maybe – but new and exciting. I’ve got to admit, it’s a little more old hat this time out for me. Maybe that’s because I’ve gone through this with so many patients now… nineteen that I’ve actually been a support person for. I think that’s everyone… Then the others that were in Alcoy while we were there that we all adopted into our group… Then the others that I’ve had the privilege of talking with – whether in person or via phone, or email, or text, etc. as they’ve gone through the process.

So yeah, I had to stop just a moment ago and try and figure out how many days post-op I am! Surgery was Monday, today is Saturday – that’s five days. Wow – they’ve kind of flown. And I feel really good. In fact….


I will admit to the fact that Dr. B decided to pull my drains this morning since I was in Alcoy briefly *might* play into that a bit! šŸ™‚ LOL!

(This is in Altea – ancient olive trees in front of one of the churches in town.)

Yesterday we just kind of hung out around the hotel and some in town. Very similar to the day prior. (Below is a view of John on the Promenade in Altea on Thursday.)

Friday mid-day we had a conversation with Theresa, the wife of the general manager of the hotel here. MJ mentioned she wished we could cook some soup for we post-ops and Theresa promised to ask her husband if the chef couldn’t prepare something specifically for us! As it turne out, MJ wrote down one of her recipies (she’s a fabulous cook), it was given to the cook, and we were informed to report to the Miramar Restaurant at 9pm that evening to taste test! Cool!

Here’s the Mediterranean at sunset.

Ann had not been feeling so hot since late afternoon, so went to rest after our outing Friday mid-day. We checked her vitals, etc. and everything was as it should be. However, her general sense of unwell continued and grew. We went to dinner – had the MOST AMAZING soup ever – and were having a fine time, when Ann suddenly felt very ill. I quickly phoned Dr. Baltasar and at his direction we quickly gathered a few things and John and I took Ann back to the hospital in Alcoy.

Long story short, her blood pressure is improving dramatically – and her body simply doesn’t know how to handle that after many years of severe elevated blood pressure. Her medication was adjusted, and after a series of diagnostics she was deemed fine and dandy.

As you can see, she looks fabulous by this morning! This is she and Reuben, one of the nurses at the hospital.

We’re back in Altea now, enjoying the much warmer and sunnier weather here. We’re planning on heading out to lunch shortly (starts around 2pm). Tonight we will go to old Altea to visit art shops, do some general shopping, and enjoy a lovely dinner out.

Oh, interestingly enough, most post-ops don’t start vitamins until thy are a month post-op. Dr. B and I have discussed it and we’ve decided that I will restart my vitamins now. I’m starting with calcium (I’m using UpCal-D travel packets) and Vitamins A, D, E, K, and magnesium. So far, it’s going well.

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