We’re in Altea

My surgery went well. But as Dr. Baltasar explained to John, it was “very laborious” for the surgeons. Because off my three prior abdominal surgeries (not to mention the sheet of titanium mesh across my abdomen from my 5 years prior hernia repair) my gut was one big mass of adhesions. Yet another reason to push for a LapDS if you’re someone trying to make the decision between lap or open surgery. It took them about an hour and a half to get through enough adhesions to reach the stomach. They took off quite a bit of the fullness on the lower part of the stomach, and took some off of the top part as well. The clock on surgery time was getting long enough and the adhesions so severe that it was decided to not mess with the common channel – it wasn’t even possible to measure the length. I tolerated surgery well, however coming out of anesthesia was another story. I’ve earned the disinction of having one of the worst re-entries on record. The anesthesiologist finally administered a dose of calcium, of all things, and everything went to rights. Interestngly enough, my calcium levels were fine going into surgery, but not as fine as my body needed, apparently. While I was in the hospital on an IV they continued to administer additional calcium every 4 hours.

The first night was long, of course – they always are. My biggest complaints being my ankle was unsupported by the cast and so it was cranky. After that a bit of remaining lap gas in the shoulders. That first night I was able to get up, walk to the toilet, go potty, change to sitting in a chair – which was more comfortable than the bed, and make general advancements.

Tuesday was the standard course for recovery… Learning to ambulate independently. Having the blue dye leak test (blech). Working on spirometry to strengthen lung function. Doing lots of rinse and spit. Then “big” leak test and subsequent removal of NG tube (hooray)! Starting liquids. Walking more and more.

By Wednesday morning I felt pretty sure I’d be ready to leave the hospital by the afternoon. When Dr. Baltasar came by for his morning rounds we discussed the possibility and he said if I was ready by the time he came for mid-day rounds then we’d see. So I got showered and dressed. John got us packed up. We conferenced with Ann, MJ and RJ (her husband), and decided that if I was sprung that we would, indeed proceed on to Altea where we had reservations.

So I got released. We got the cars loaded (like how liberally I use the term “we” – yeah, I watched) and got in and headed for Altea. It’s about a 50 minute drive. We’re staying at a lovely place called Melia Villa Gadea – I stayed here in May with some other patients. It’s the kind of place where they go out of their way to serve – they’re so kind and gracious. It seemed like the right place to stay for this trip.

So here it is Thursday morning. I’m doing very well. I’m sipping my water, fruit juice, consomme, and blue dye (every morning until I am drin free), and working on my spirometer. The weather here is GORGEOUS. I’ll have to take some pictures and upload them. The Mediterranean is showing off today, that’s for sure!

Off we go to breakfast!

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