Will she make it through the winter?

Speedy, as you may well recall, has not had an easy time of it. She is smaller, less coordinated, definitely lowest girl on the pecking order, and well – sad. That’s her on the left.

I think it’s so interesting that some of her pals – the girls who are the same age (aka the California Whites, Ducky, and BB) will take turns hanging out with her – typically making sure she’s not alone much. Here she is with one of the Whites and BB.

We’ve talked much about the fact that Speedy may not make it through the winter. We’ve really only had a few nights where the low has gotten close to freezing – but I have to wonder as the winter progresses, will she make it? She’s so light. She seems to have so many fewer feathers than her peers. And she struggles so to do things the other girls do routinely.

She definitely has not started laying – in fact, we’d be blown away if she did! Poor thing – she’s so peeked and pathetic. We’re worried.

This is Shelly. Doesn’t she look hilarious with that crazy comb?

Here’s one of the Welsumer babies. They’re old enough to start laying now, but haven’t begun quite yet. Their combs and wattles are becoming more pronounced and redder – shouldn’t be long now.
And here’s Ducky. Remember the big conclusion that Ducky was laying those gorgeous dark eggs with the freckles? Well – ummm… maybe not! I went back to my photo archives after some suspicions and found that sure enough – our Ducky does NOT, in fact, lay those gorgeous dark freckled eggs – BB does! Ducky lays a lighter egg with lighter freckles – much like it sounds Vonda’s chick does! Just when you think you’ve figured your chicks out! LOL!

So you gotta see the new bigger run that my brilliant husband has put together!

It gives the girls a much larger area to hang out – while still being confined somewhat.

You see – they’ve developed a bit of wanderlust, these girls. I keep finding them going DOWN THE STREET toward the various neighbors yards. That had to change!

So John added this additional fenced yard. Part of it is under the big old willow, part gets sun.

Thus far, the girls seem quite happy with the new digs!

Gosh, my husband is the coolest!

4 thoughts on “Will she make it through the winter?

  1. How sweet of the other “girls” to keep an eye on her!

    Tennessee isn’t anywhere near freezing yet…..hint hint hint…

    Loving the pictures.


  2. I worry about my Dot (White Crested Black Polish) like you worry about your Speedy. Dot’s about 1/2 the size of the other hens now and over the weekend, her funny little white head got pecked by somebody and I had to apply chicken first aid again. I have been worrying about the cold, wet months ahead….all we can do is our best and wait and see, right?

  3. Mad – you just don’t know how tempting warmer is about now! Yes, we’ve had some warmer days now and then – but the cold just seems to seep into my bones! *shudder* Tennessee is so gorgeous – one of these days we’ll just have to swing by! 🙂

  4. Danni,

    Since keeping the girls confined more it seems Speedy is being much more picked on. So much so that she rarely comes out of the coop. Okay – if *I* were Speedy, I’d stay in the coop, too, cause John hooked up lights and heat out there! But she doesn’t even come out for treats any more! Poor Dot and Speedy!

    I’m thinking happy thoughts for both girls!

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