I love Ducky

When I first started looking seriously for breeds of chickens I found an article about heritage breeds of animals… i.e., animal breeds that have been nearly forgotten and some nearly lost, due to the fact that they aren’t has hardy in large scale production. I’m a history girl… I love it. I read about it – all the time. So when found some information about Dominiques, particularly, I thought, “I want those!”

So when it came time to order, I placed an order for five Dominiques. There was a little boo boo at the feed store – my order got mixed in with a bunch of other black-ish looking chicks – and I was sent on my way with what was HOPED to be five Dominiques – plus one, just in case.

As it turns out – three of our “Dominiques” were boys. They had to go away – and they did, to a very nice farm. The other three are Ducky, BB, and Speedy. Of the three, I’m convinced that Ducky is the lone Dominique. 😦 The jury is still out on what BB is, and Speedy – well she’s a sad story all unto herself!

But Ducky… She’s so sweet! She’s so lovable. When you go outside and speak – she comes running! If you reach to pet her – she holds still so you can. She looks at you when you talk to her – and acts like she really gets what you’re saying! She’s adorable.

And… she lays the coolest looking eggs!

Aren’t they pretty? How’s that second to the left one for huge-o!?

Can you see the speckles on them? They’re very, very dark brown. Kinda freckled.
Here’s that big one – 2 and 3/8ths ounces. Wow!
I’m so glad we ended up with Ducky – she’s a wonderful chicken!

4 thoughts on “I love Ducky

  1. So I can’t tell from the photo, only because the chicken that I think you’re calling Ducky looks just like my Barred Rocks. Is Ducky the black and white barred hen? Beautiful eggs!

  2. Hey Danni,

    Yes – she looks very much like a Barred or Plymouth Rock. I still can’t decide if BB is one or the other of those – single comb, black and white barred. Kelly thought the risk was that my Dominiques got mixed up with some Marans – but I don’t know…
    Anyway – Ducky’s distinguishing factor – the reason I think she’s a Dominique – is her rose comb and the color of her feet. There’s a Dominique club online with photos – and the comparisons are pretty close. May always be a mystery, tho! 🙂

  3. My one and only barred rock looks so much like Ducky. We were told she is a barred rock but maybe not. She lays a lighter colored brown egg but it also has spots. Strange how similar these hens are.

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