What once was our yard…

We’ve joined the ranks of those high-falutin folks the world over who have gone from septic to city sewer. Woo Hoo!

The real plus being that one doesn’t have to deal with often cantakerous and more frequently than hoped for problems with one’s septic system. The drawback… what it does to the yard!

The girls don’t seem to mind so much – lots easier to find worms this way!
See that thing that looks kinda like some sticks poking up out of the mud? That’s what’s left of the hydrangea. Yeah – really!
I will say that another big plus is the fact that my sainted husband took pity on me and laid a lovely network of stepping stones through the mud so that I don’t have to get my cast all blecky when I go out to check on the girls or collect eggs.
The yard will come back eventually, I know… But something tells me we have a long stretch of winter with mud-caked shoes ahead of us.
Yep… he is a pretty cool husband. Love those stepping stones!

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