My blog list disappeared! What will I do?! How will I keep up with everyone? How can I find them all again? Horrors!

See – that’s what I get for being busy as all get out and not spending enough time over here to have my blog list perfectly memorized, darn it! Sigh… Guess I’ll have to work at recreating it. There’s just too much good stuff out there too miss!

So – how’d a whole week go by?! Oh, yeah, that’s right – two nights in the Emergency Room with amazing asthma boy! Some of my time this week, resultingly, as simply been vaporized. There have been weighty things weighing on my mind – as always. Some of them more daunting than others… like, do we buy a house? Or don’t we buy a house? Right now – in light of the financial state of affairs of the country – not seems to be winning out. Danni left a comment on my previous post here that resonated with both John and I… something to the effect that one should perhaps not work so hard at convincing onself that a house may or may not be the right one – that you’d know. We gave a collective sigh and said, “Of course.” What a relief.

You know what? We don’t HAVE to buy a house. We can take our time. There’s no rush. PHEW!

Danni – a deep debt of gratitude bestowed upon your head! Thank you! Although, Madelyn, I must tell you how powerfully tempted we are to pack everything up and head toward your farm in Tennessee! We planned on doing just such a thing a few years ago – had a moving date, plans all made, etc… We love Tennessee. One of these days!

So… during the course of the past week a strange thing has happened… it’s morphed into fall. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it – as if feeling less than thrilled with it would have any impact whatsoever! I struggle quite a bit with kissing summer goodbye… But I’m learning to deal with it.

The change of seasons can escalate the chaos of my life basically without pause is a little dizzying. So – I’m back to the time of year when over 100 miles in a day in my little car without traveling more than 10 miles from home are back. I’ve got to get more serious about being a little more hermit-like! LOL!


3 thoughts on “Aaaagggggghhhhh!!!!!

  1. The stepping stones look like they will work just fine. The power company did that to our grass one year during the same time and we had a muddy mess all winter. I was never so glad to see field grass (which is all our yard is)grow come spring.

  2. I can’t tell you how handy having those stepping stones is – especially with me in the cast! But cooler still, my husband is thinking he’ll put pebbles between the stones, and then broadcast grass seed. I think it may turn out *really* cool!

  3. I could’ve sworn I commented here a couple days ago…but…Hey! No thanks necessary…it made me feel really good to know that my words helped. I know the feelings you are experiencing, believe me, so I though maybe a bit of personal experience would be helpful. 🙂
    Your husband LOVES you…what a nice bunch o’ stepping stones! 🙂

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