The Inside Scoop

As it turned out, we were not able to go and see the house in daylight yesterday. There were some scheduling conflicts, so we left about 7:15 pm – well into the evening last evening.

So – I’ll show you a few pictures…

Here’s the mud room/laundry room. I like it. I like that it’s big, it has two windows – so lots of natural light.

Here’s the kitchen – looking toward the breakfast nook. Isn’t it interesting that it has cedar ceilings? Of note, this house has been empty for three years – a business deal gone bad, from what we’ve learned. The kitchen – while not fancy – is nice enough, and brand spanking new – well, at least never used. The stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator – all never been used – are included.

Here’s the french doors (behind Jess) that would be the “front” doors – that is if the front doors were actually accessible to the real world. I’m sure that in 1890 it made way more sense. We think this is supposed to be the formal dining room – given the pretty fancy light fixture.

There are three large-ish sized rooms on the ground floor, with a tiny little room off of one of them. The picture below is the juncture between two of those large-ish sized rooms. I should probably make note of the fact that the carpet is pretty much trashed in this house.

Here’s a peek at the sink/mirror in the one and only bathroom. Interestingly enough there is a HUGE window right adjacent to the toilet. Said window is adjacent to the porch/entry via the mudroom – which would, in all reality, be the main entry into the house.

And here’s a peek at the other end of the bathroom – again, so interesting having the cedar ceilings!

Here’s the view from the third large-ish room downstairs toward the staircase. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures upstairs.
We were really surprised by several things…

  1. The interior of the house is in much better shape than we imagined.
  2. The three bedrooms upstairs were much larger than we thought they’d be.
  3. There’s not a closet to be found in the place. We shouldn’t be surprised, I guess – given the era of the house, but one would have thought maybe since 1890 someone could have thrown a few in!
  4. There are TONS of bugs in this house.
  5. We suspect quite a lot of dry rot.

So… what to do…

It’s a bit spendier than what we feel comfortable with – even though the bank says we can afford it. (The bank, however, is not feeding, clothing, and keeping healthy and hale three kids!)

It’ lacks a single outbuilding… sigh. We want outbuildings. And given that it’s more expensive than we hope to spend – there would be no money left over to build outbuildings in the near future…

It’s completely lacking fencing… We want fencing… We realize we’ll need to put up some wherever we end up going eventually – but one can’t help but hope for some, can they?

And while the interior is in better shape than we imagined it would be – there are some concerning features… like the dry rot…. like – where are all of those bugs getting in?!… like all of the places where the finishing wasn’t completed on walls, corners, fixture installation, etc.

We aren’t expecting a Street of Dreams kinda place for what we can afford – but we also don’t wanna be stupid, you know?

So – our real estate agent is running some comps… We’re kind of thinking it may be a bit overpriced given the issues that we were able to ascertain with two brief encounters.

We’ll see what happens – you never know!


3 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop

  1. You could grow the stuff you want in TENNESSEE!! hee hee – wish I could let you have mine, but you want to own, not rent.

    It was a foreclosure and empty a year…but it’s got a huge barn and two other out buildings on 4 acres.

    You need fence and outbuildings.

    Will keep praying…believe me.
    ~Mad in Alabama

  2. My thoughts are that in times like these perhaps you can make an offer. The worse thing that could happen is that they would turn it down or counter. I am a firm believer in offering only what you can afford and if that means you need enough to build fences or outbuildings factor that in. Who knows….you might be able to get a good deal in the end.

  3. You want my thoughts? Ok…here they come.
    How did you feel when you were walking around in this house? Did it feel like home? Did you start envisioning your furniture in the rooms? Were you excited to be there?
    Or…were you trying to convince yourself that this is the place you should be because it’s the only acceptable one you’ve been able to find so far?
    I’ve purchased three houses in my life now and each time they literally “spoke” to me…I fell in love…they felt like “home”.
    Trust your gut.

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