A quiet day

I don’t get many of those, by the way – quiet days, that is. Yesterday I didn’t have a single appointment until 6:00 pm. This in contrast to the day before when I had TWELVE.

I needed a quiet day.

And while it was a quiet day – it was not without it’s thrills. Like just happening along and accidentally opening the door to the nest boxes, checking for eggs, and getting to witness our Hallie laying an egg. Standing up, I might add. Danni has a great video of her Sparrow doing the same on her blog today – you can see it here.

How cool is that?! I was really surprised – I guess I shouldn’t have been – that it would be sorta slimey when first laid. And further amazed to watch it dry in what seemed to be just a fraction of a second. And how VERY warm it was when I was able to retrieve it.

A definite highlight of my quiet day.

Here’s our Hallie…
And I spent some time playing with Pepper, the wonder chicken dog. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but she spent several weeks with our wonderful friend (who is a vet) up near Tri-Cities, WA while she was being spayed. I missed her!

Here she is in classic form.

I’m usually pretty driven to get a whole bunch of things done – ’cause there are always a whole bunch of things that NEED to get done. But you know what? Yesterday was amazing – quiet, restful, peaceful, restorative. Sigh. What a gift!

3 thoughts on “A quiet day

  1. I have a “chicken how-to” book coming in the mail – will I ever be able to get started?

    Come on economy – do your thing!!!


  2. I love, love, love my chickens…aren’t you just amazed at the whole process of egg-laying…it IS weird how they’re wet at first, dry so quickly, and are practically hot to the touch. Argh, to have to do that every day – it’s a wonder they are so good natured. 🙂
    Glad to hear you had a peaceful, perfect Dina-day all to yourself…. I protect my days like this ferociously…these are days to think my own thoughts, recharge my batteries (and my attitude) and just “be”…
    Oh, and Pepper is just the sweetest!

  3. OK I just left a message and lost it. I am just amazed that they stand up and I now think that perhaps they do this more often than we know. I have never seen my hens stand but then I haven’t caught them in the act very often.

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