Now that’s a BIG egg!

Yesterday BB laid her first egg…

That’s BB on the left. Her name stands for big black – yeah, I know, not very inventive – but we were trying to keep a LOT of chicks straight – and she was just consistently bigger than the other chicks! She (and the rest of the “middle” girls) was 18 weeks old on the 1st of September. So we’ve been watching for her first egg.

Yesterday was the day! It was exciting – but a rather average, albeit a bit smaller than average (compared to the big girls, anyway).

THIS is today’s egg from BB:

Yep – that says 2 7/8ths ounces.

DANG! That’s a BIG egg!

Compared to Rooth’s eggs…And in with the other eggs from the big girls – who routinely lay about 2.25 oz eggs…

By the way… Aren’t they pretty eggs? I love the color variations. The kids are getting expert at being able to identify who laid what egg. Wild!

We live in an old house – and sometime shortly after the house was built (in 1946) someone planted a hydrangea right under the kitchen window. It’s a very large bush! It is kind of wierd, though – the colors on it tend to wash out to almost white in late summer and early fall, and then it seems to shut down production, as I assume other hydrangeas, do. I was walking past the bush – as I do many times each day – and was shocked to see one cluster of flowers on the back to a truly stunning blue. Isn’t it pretty?

Here are a few of the girls out sunbathing the other day… So much for cleaning the carpet and letting it dry in the sun!

It didn’t take us very long along the road of chicken ownership to figure out that chickens make the funniest noises. Henrietta makes the funniest little chirping sound when she’s on the nest box and you dare to disturb her. Here’s a tiny little video clip that Jessica took of her the other day.

And here (the lightest brown egg) is the egg she laid shortly thereafter!

Interestingly enough – Henrietta is still the most consistent egg layer. We get an egg a day from her – pretty much without fail. Rooth is right behind her in consistency. Interesting, huh?

8 thoughts on “Now that’s a BIG egg!

  1. I love the sound that Henrietta makes. So sweet. That egg is huge. I bet you have trouble closing the egg carton with that in there. Love the hens laying on your nice clean carpet. Ha ha!

  2. THERE you are…I was wondering where you’d disappeared to! πŸ™‚
    Nice eggs!! That mondo one is delightful looking. My biggest one to-date has been 2.7 ounces, too! I thought for sure it would be a triple-yolker, but it was still “just” a double-yolker.
    But wait – I just looked at your scale again – just what is 7/8 of an ounce? Is that bigger than 2.7 ounces?

  3. Vonda,

    Isn’t Henrietta cute?! She’s so fun – this probably sounds wierd, but she kinda reminds me of an adorable little lap dog (sorta like Danni’s Roxy!) that follows you around everywhere!

    Yes! The egg carton doesn’t quite close with that egg in there! LOL!

  4. Hey Mad – Rooth is kicking egg laying butt! You know what’s wild? All of the girls who are egg layers with any consistency now hang out together now. Before – they hung out by either breed or age – now it’s by egg laying status! Amazing!

  5. Hey Danni! Yeah – it’s been nuts. I’ve been putting together a big conference the past few weeks (okay – months) and it finally happened this past Saturday – phew! It was great – but it’s kind of a relief to have a little break! Now I can turn my attenion to our little world. πŸ™‚

    The mondo egg is 2.875 ounces. Isn’t that bigger than Jumbo in the egg measurement scale? I used to have that around here somewhere, but I can’t find it right now. William said yesterday – “Aren’t you glad you’re not a chicken Mom? If you were, you’d have to have a baby every day! And if you were BB – it’d be a HUGE baby every day!” LOL!

  6. Well, congrats – that must feel exceptionally good to have behind you!
    Now, not to redirect you back to *my* blog or anything…. πŸ™‚
    But…I posted the weight of a jumbo egg here:
    and, yes, that egg of your definitely surpassed that!

    You’ve got me beat…2.8 ounces…actually, you could probably round up to 2.9…dang…that’s .2 ounces more than my mondo one…OUCH πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Danni – you crack me up! Ha ha! I *love* the stuff you find to take pictures of with your egg blogs. Seriously amazing!

    Yeah – I tell you – we’re all still talking about the monstronsity of an egg that BB laid. I mean, she is huge, but WOW!

    You gotta admit – it’s kind of comical that when people come to visit our house one of the first excited things our kids do is stop them, take them to the fridge, and show them the eggs!

    Sigh… I love my life!

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