25 hours later…

Can you see her in there? There’s our Henrietta – who for the better part of an hour hung out in “her” nest box (bottom right) – arranging the pine shavings, moving the wooden egg here or there, squking now and then, and as William observed, “looking kinda angry!”

Yesterday we retrieved egg number 1 at 1:08 p.m. Today, egg number 2 was retrieved at 2:08 p.m. According to Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow, “Approximately ever 25 hours, one ovum acquires enough layers of yolk to be released into the oviduct…”

So, makes sense, huh?

And not only did she prove to be consistent in terms of timing – the next quote from Damerow, “As a hen gets older, her eggs get bigger.”

Yep! Yesterday’s egg was 1.5 ounces. Today a whopping 2.25 ounces.


That means egg number 2 is just shy of the jumbo eggs that we purchase, and nearly double of yesterday’s egg!


As William reported today, “Henrietta rocks!”

I think he’s absolutely correct!

4 thoughts on “25 hours later…

  1. Madelyn,

    You’re absolutely right! The kids are all putting dibs on each new egg – calling who gets the honor of eating the new egg the next morning. This morning it was William, tomorrow morning it will be Elijah, the day after that Karina, then Jonathan, then Jessica. We’ve got quite the line-up. Just imagine if Hallie and Millie joined in the laying fun – with 3 eggs a day (conceivably) it would only take a couple of days to get everyone their “first” egg! LOL!

  2. Hi Red,

    In theory it’s a great idea – one chicken, just the right number of eggs. The big problem being that chickens HATE being alone. Some places won’t even sell a single bird – you gotta buy in pairs. There are so many great things that chicken “help” with that often don’t get considered going into the venture: they love table scraps (vegetarian only, of course) – so waste that might have gone into the trash have a much better place to go! Their droppings can go into the compost heap or be aged for fertilizing your garden. AND – of course, they are so much fun to have around. I would *definitely* recommend a pair if you’re considering chickens. 🙂

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