It’s an egg!

Today – a full week after the first (sort of) egg was laid we heard Henrietta squaking like there was no tomorrow. We were eating lunch and could hear her all the way into the house – pretty unusual – but we’ve heard her loud before. This time, it was pretty sustained.

After lunch William went out to investigate, and came back yelling, “It’s an EGG!” To which we dropped everything, grabbed the camera and raced out to the coop – where Henrietta was smart enough to lay her egg – in an actual nest box. Good chicken!

Isn’t it cute? The wooden egg on the left is pretty good sized, but this is decidedly a petite egg.

But pretty, huh?

Compared to the Jumbo sized eggs we buy (which weighs in at 2.75 oz) I don’t think our 1.5 oz egg looks too bad, do you?

Here she is – the woman of the hour – Henrietta! I’m so proud of her!

Here’s hoping it doesn’t take a whole week for the next egg!

5 thoughts on “It’s an egg!

  1. Ha, ha – Good job weighing that egg, Dina! It’s just something I’ve GOTTA know! šŸ™‚ And that is a VERY respectable sized egg for a newbie. For the first couple weeks, aside from “MONDO egg”, my eggs were hovering between 1.2 and 1.4 ounces. For you to start out with a 1.5’er is just excellent! šŸ™‚
    Good job, Henrietta!

  2. I know – it’s like you just gotta know! And I’m totally blown away she started out this well. Amazing girl, that Henrietta!

  3. That’s a HUGE egg for Henrietta’s first! Granted, I had Banties, but their first eggs were a little bigger than a thimble….good going, Henrietta!

  4. Hey Katrina!

    I’m just so proud of her! I’m completely amazed at how she’s just eased into laying (although I *was* antsy for her to get her act together!), and has laid such lovely HUGE eggs thus far. I think the funnest thing, by far, though, has got to be the huge level of excitement that the kids have – it’s the first thing they think of when they get up in the morning to go check for – and the excitement doesn’t die down during the day at all. Amazing!

  5. Dina – sneaking out the eggs is much like digging potatoes, isn’t it? It’s not only children that have that thrilling moment of – treasure! Better yet, it’s edible!

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