Strange goings on during the night…

It was a little strange to go out to the garden this afternoon (my first chance today to get out there – it was a busy day!). I was a little puzzled to approach the makeshift gate – which is simply a single panel of the decorative fencing covered with chicken wire, the wire legs get shoved into the ground and – voila! – we have our gate. It isn’t fancy, that’s for sure, but it is effective at keeping the chicks (and dog) out of the garden! The gate was actually bent nearly flat – as in at about a 45 degree angle. Hmmm… something is definitely amiss!

I quickly ascertained that something had been at our lone zucchini plant!

You see that? Like it’s half way dug up! Dang! What would do that?

I moved on…

I don’t know if you can see that, but on the bottom left side of the photo you can kinda see through the trellis… See the branches of the tomato plant that have been pulled down to the ground – and kinda trampled? STINK! What’s been in my garden?

THEN… The outrage of it all…

something had the gall to take a bite out of one of MY squash! See those bite marks?!

Then a little bit later, I found that something had been in the green bean patch, too!

WHAT pray tell, has been in my garden? I am so not amused! You start messing with my squash, some serious battle has been declared!

What do you think? Racoons? We sure have them around here – a lot! We do have a lot of deer issues… Here’s the baby we found leaving the yard last week:

that bite mark was too petite for deer, though, don’t you agree?

I don’t know, but they better not come back!

3 thoughts on “Strange goings on during the night…

  1. LOL! Yes, I have blue tips on my nails. I have had long nails FOREVER and been getting an acrylic overlay (essentially a hardener on top of my own nail) honestly, since I was 16. (That, by the way, is quite some time ago!) Nowadays they can use powders that are colored and sparkly and all sorts of stuff. I kinda like having the natural color on the bottom half of the nail. It’s actually becoming more of a fad here – who knew! I’ve been getting mine like this for a couple of years now. I *am* too young to get boring, so I guess my blue nails are a-okay! 🙂

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