I hate weeds.

Yet, here you can see how very prolifically I grow them.

Late last August (2007) I had a total right hip replacement. Yes, I’m young – 44 years of age. But it was shot, and the old one had to go and the new one had to be “installed” – so to speak. In my hip class my classmates were blown away that I was “one of them.” Can I just say here and how that I have a WORLD of respect for older people who have a total hip replacement. That surgery can really kick your butt. And it’s not just a little recovery – it’s HUGE. Here I am 11 months since that surgery and I’m still adjusting, figuring out how to deal with the hip and my limitations, and finding myself truly shocked when I have a little season of time when my new hip feels “normal” or “natural.”

That all being said – let me just repeat: I hate weeds. A lot. I hated them before my hip replacement. I hate them now. Maybe a little more. Why? Because my knees both need to be replaced, my ankle is being studied for a possibility of being replaced, and I can cause myself a LOT of pain if I use the wrong body mechanics because of my new hip. And guess what – weeding is one of those “wrong” body mechanics. Yes, folks, if you drive past my yard you’ll see me bent over at the waist with my butt in the air pulling weeds. I wish there were some other way to do it – but there isn’t.

So, since it hurts I let them go much more than I ought to. I’m still trying to find a way to have a much less “weedy” garden. I think more mulch is part of it. Sadly, my supply for this year is dwindling and I’m not going to get another load full if it. We really are committed to organic gardening – so we continue to research and do lots of trial and error. I won’t be giving up gardening any time soon – that is for certain. So I’ve got to find some better weeding methodologies!

Isn’t Jake funny?

Cucumber flowers – woo hoo! This photo above are the Straight 8’s. The photo below is a bush cucumber plant. I think the flower on the bush is prettier, don’t you?

I’m so pleased to see how heartily my basil plants have taken off. It’s time to start using it! Pesto here we come!
The green beans are doing it again – nearly exploding with growth in phenomenally short periods of time. Wow! It won’t be long until we have beans!

LOOK! It’s an actual teensy, tiny yellow crookneck squash. It is actually conceivable that I’ll have squash to eat in DAYS – not some indeterminate vague number of days in the future. I find that so exciting!
Here, my friends, is the definition of pathetic:

Poor Pepper – she’s gotta wear a cone right now. She’s in heat and she’s been tearing her hair out – and not gently – her skin is in distress. So we’ve put this contraption on her – much to her chagrin – and we’re hoping she heals up quickly. She will be a very happy camper when the cone comes off!

4 thoughts on “I hate weeds.

  1. Wow, Dina, it sounds like you have been through so much – I’m sorry about the pain you’ve got going on. I’m sure you must have all the latest weeding implements, right? You know, the hooks and points and spades and stuff that have the long handles that allow you to dig the weeds up by the roots and then just rake them into a pile for pick up?
    Your garden looks great!
    Are you planning to breed your pup? May be a sore subject, but I’m wondering why she isn’t spayed?

  2. Okay, I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! http://www.garrettwade.com/jump.jsp?lGen=detail&itemID=109428&itemType=PRODUCT&iProductID=109428

    I had a hip replacement 4 years ago at age – well, never mind that – and have never looked back – until the other day when I tried to throw my leg over the seat of a sizable motorcycle….it was embarrassing.

    I hope my knees and the other hip hold out a little longer.

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  3. Hey Danni,

    Yeah, we have a lot of funky weeding tools – but I love the one Madelyn mentioned! Wow – I just sent a link to my husband telling him it’s high on my wish list!

    I honestly think my BEST untapped potentially amazing weed control will be…. MY KIDS! Do you think there’s a tonic out there somewhere that makes them more inclinced to help in this department? If not, maybe we could market it – we’d be rich! LOL!

    We were advised to not spay Pepper until she was about 2 years of age. She is purebred – dual registries – and does have a really super sweet temperment… We really aren’t sure if we’ll breed her, though. While I love her, my heart’s desire is more along the lines of a Bull Mastiff or Great Dane! 🙂

  4. Madelyn,

    TOTALLY COOL! Thanks for the great share – I’ve just told my husband I want one!

    Yeah – you know that throw the leg over motion is a doozie after hip replacement, isn’t it? My problem area is actually trying to get over the fence into the patch where the green beans are – and wow – could be interesting if I weren’t careful!

    Here’s to no joint replacement surgeries in the near future for either of us! 🙂

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