That, my friends, is an actual REAL LIVE tomato! WOO HOO!!!!

And there’s more than just one of ’em! They’re popping up all over the place. I’m so excited!

See what I see here?

Yes, these ARE yellow crookneck squash flower buds… You know what that means, right? Squash right around the corner! Hallelujah!

Amazing how much the green beans grow each day, isn’t it?

::contended sigh::

I love my garden.


3 thoughts on “LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

  1. Wow. It’s an amazing bean army, ready to take over the wall and provide yummy goodness! Your garden looks beautiful, and I’m totally jealous. Our garden went in late, so we’re still cheering on the growing of tomato plants, and have yet to see open flowers yet…. crossing fingers…

  2. Hey Melinda! Yes – it is nearly like a bean army, isn’t it? We’ll be putting in another area with green beans this week some time (as we’re able to make the time) so that we have a succession of beans coming into season. In our household – there just ain’t no such thing as too many green beans! (It’s the one vegetable I can get all THREE kids to eat without protest!)

    Our garden got in late, too, this year – the weather has been wacky here in the PNW, hasn’t it? I’m so relieved we’ve actually got fruit setting on the tomato vines – with the dismal reports regarding polinators – it is a huge cause for rejoicing!

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