Finishing Touches

Today was a busy day! John got to work on the nest boxes. Below, a couple of inspectors checking out the progress…

Ducky had to get in on the action, too… Literally in!
Henrietta was actually inspector general – she stayed up on the table while John was hammering, sawing, etc. She’d squack at him pretty regularly, just like she had something really important to say. She’s such a riot!
Ta daaaa…. Four nest boxes – installed in the coop. Woo Hoo!
Here’s the view from outside – the egg collection hatch.
And today, John got the solar fan installed, too. We were really surprised at how little sunlight it takes for the fan to turn itself on. Wild!
And here’s the inside view of the new solar fan.

That, folks is one finished chicken coop! Yay!!! It was a good day.

2 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. Wow!!! I am SO jealous of that solar powered fan. You have GOT to tell me more about this!
    Of course, you already wisely placed your coop under a huge shade tree, so you probably aren’t experiencing the extreme STRESS that I am on every hot day that occurs (supposed to be 90 today, you know)…
    Last week, I had to freeze water in pop bottles and lay them around inside the coop with two fans blowing to try to circulate some air.
    Your coop is gorgeous, Dina…you guys have done an excellent job!!

  2. Thanks Danni! John (brilliant husband that he is!) found the solar fan online… I’ll have to ask him about it, post a URL, etc. later. The fan is really amazing – it seems to be temperature sensitive – it turns itself on and off at what seem to be perfectly appropriate times. Woo Hoo! I love it when stuff works!

    This heat is hard on the birds, though, you’re so wise to do the frozen water bottle thing. My girls are out free ranging all day long and once it starts heating up they make a beeline for the skirt of the hydrangea bush!

    Now – if everyone would start thinking happy egg laying thoughts! I’m *very* impatient! 🙂

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