Sometimes the rain is a happy thing

The occasional showers – well, since the HUGE downpour that came with the thundershowers the other night – have been really quite nice. They’ve done wonderful things for the garden – even if they do have the chicks really puzzled about those strange drops falling out of the sky!

As you can see, the Welsumer babies are growing up! Everyone has feathers on their heads now! Wow – that was fast! Looking us straight on at the center of the photo is the little roo who will be moving to a wonderful farm come later in the week. He will be well-loved there. I’m convinced he’s going to be a wonderful roo – he’s got such spunk and fun personality – not to mention is quite handsome!

On the left is Speedy, BB (which stands for big black) who is in the center, and on the right one of the California Whites – maybe Angel, I’m not sure – not all of them have names.

Can you believe how much smaller Speedy is than BB? And how much HUGER BB is than both the others? Speedy *is* the smallest in the flock – without a doubt, but she is catching up. She’s really made quite a turn around and we’re just so pleased. She is retaining her fun personality – and is definitely the most comfortable of her group (the middle girls) with human interaction. We continue to give her treats daily, hoping to help her catch up on that disparity in growth!

Below is the green bean plot. I walk out the door each day and am just blown away at how much they’ve grown in another 24 hour period of time. Since yesterday tendrils have shot up on the pole beans. We MUST get the trellis in tomorrow! When I look at the Squash patch I just smile – in happy anticipation of my very favorite veggie coming into fruition! We had that conversation again this year – John and I – the one we have every year. In his mind – one or two yellow crookneck squash hills will do us just fine. In my mind – there’s no way it’s physically possible to have too much! I will absolutely, positively eat it every single day that it is available – I never get sick of it. In fact, I’ve been known to eat it with breakfast (it’s wonderful sauteed in an omlette!), lunch, and dinner! Okay, I confess, I’ve also just run out to the garden to snatch a couple of baby-ish sized squash and quickly sautee up some for a snack as well. It won’t be long – and I simply can’t wait! I’m so pleased that they are progressing so nicely.

I also firmly believe that there’s no such thing as too many cucumber plants, either. I tried for YEARS to grow them – and never with much success. When we finally got it right, we really got it right – and it’s been wonderful ever since! They’ve got a lot of growing to do these cucumber plants – but I have faith that they’ll do very nicely. Gosh, I’ve got plans for those cucumbers! LOOK! They’re growing! Lots and lots of blackberries! Yay! The past couple of years we’ve started picking them right around the last week of July. That’s not that far away, is it?!
Here’s another flower that came up in the flower bed with the wildflower mix that got scattered last year and did nothing. I can’t seem to figure out what it is – but it sure is pretty!

The cool weather has been a nice change after the super hot days. But I’m happy to see the coming week’s forcast – in the 80’s and sunny. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sometimes the rain is a happy thing

  1. Wow, everything’s looking really good! Are you going to do a cucumber post about what you learned not to do and what you do now? they look great 🙂

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