Speedy’s under the weather…

From June 23rd to the PDXBackyardChix Yahoo Group:

Above are three pictures of Speedy. These were taken yesterday.

She continues to reject solid food. Well, she’ll eat meal worms, and she’ll eat a little yogurt. She won’t eat the chick starter. But she does drink some water. I found a great web site with disease info: http://www.welphatchery.com/poultry_health.asp She doesn’t seem to have the symptoms of one particular disease. The things I would say she does definitely have include: loss of appetite, weight loss, seems droopy, much less vocal, doesn’t mind being picked up or handled at all (that’s a change), one of her eyes seems to close more than the other. Her eyes do look normal when they’re open (no color change or anything), so I wonder if she got pecked by one of the other chicks before we got her isolated.

She really looks not so great. Her stools are watery – but no blood. She just seems really, really weak. She does walk a bit, but mostly just huddles and prefers to sit in a location where there’s some sun. She’s lost a few (less than 10) feathers. We’ve treated her with everything we know of. She honestly just doesn’t seem to be improving at all.

We continue to keep her isolated from the rest of the chicks, day and night.

I just keep wondering if we should euthanize her – is she suffering? What do you guys think? I would very much value your input.

Our prior posting regarding Speedy below…

From June 19th to the PDXBackyardChix Yahoo Group:

When we went to pick up our order of chicks at the end of April there was a mishap and our 5 Dominiques accidentally got integrated with a bunch of Marans. It took Kelly a while to go through and try to figure out which was which – and I went home with a “bonus” chick, which he thought *might* be a Maran. That chick, we believe, is Speedy. She’s a little different from all of the other chicks – yes, she’s black and white, but seems almost tail-less. It is not at all unusual for her to kind of cry a little – almost like she’s looking for a buddy.

All of the girls are often out in the yard free ranging – they tend to travel around in two or three groups – divided either by age, or by breed. It’s really trippy to watch.

The past couple of days it seems like Speedy has seemed a little disoriented. Today it went a step further and she began to self-isolate – we’ve not seen this to this degree from her yet.

When I picked her up this afternoon I was shocked at how light she’s become! My daughter and I decided to put her into the coop with a treat of some yogurt and cracked corn, and see if she was willing to eat. She consumed the treat fine – but then went to rest – laying her head down almost like she was exhausted. When it was bedtime and the girls were arranging themselves on the roost, Speedy got knocked off and roughed up a bit by the oldest girls. My daughter and I stepped in to intervene and pulled her out. First we tried adding her to the side of the coop with the baby babies (4 weeks old) – but even the babies would pick on Speedy! We felt horrible for her!

So we’ve put her into a pet carrier with a nice bed of pine shavings and her own supply of medicated chick starter and water. She was pretty stressed out initially when we brought her into the house, but after Pepper the wonder chicken dog sat with her for a while she settled down. Right now she’s zonked out and sleeping like a baby.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m worried for her!



3 thoughts on “Speedy’s under the weather…

  1. Poor Speedy….I just don’t know what might be ailing her, but I’m sending her “speedy” recovery wishes! It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, Dina, hang in there!

  2. Thanks so much! We are so concerned for her – but also… the rest of the flock! We don’t want any illness to spread, you know? Thus far, we’re relieved that she’s the only one who appears to be affected. Makes me wonder about the failure to thrive theorum.



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