our new Welsumer rooster! Sharon (from Sno-Kit Farms) generously gifted us with this stunning bird. He’s nameless as of yet – but I’m sure the kids will find a name for him in short order. We’re a little blown away at how HUGE he is! And surprised at how upset he can be over Pepper (our dog) being nearby. He obviously doesn’t know yet that Pepper is a chicken dog and wouldn’t harm him. Here’s hoping they acclimate to one another in quick order.

Speaking of roosters… take a peek at these pictures:

Do you see three roosters there amongst the (what we are now calling) “middle girls”? Today as they were out in the chicken yard it was *amazing* to watch the facing off behavior – along with several chest butting episodes. These three – I’m convinced are roosters… Sigh… We’re trying to decide what the plan will be with them.

Henrietta is a true sunbathing beauty. The minute the sun comes out – she assumes her sunbathing position. She LOVES sunbathing! Isn’t she funny?

Pepper the wonder chicken dog. Shortly after eating our mid-day meal William moved the “middle girls” out to the baby play yard in the garden. The girls quickly figured out they could fly out – and sure enough – did! Pepper was laying nearby in the shade of a flowering tree of some sort keeping an eye on them. In no time at all they had moseyed up along side Pepper and hung out in close proximity to her quite contentedly.

6 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Great blog! I popped over here from Farm Girl Fare. I grew up with chickens and geese and turkeys–my parents still have ’em on the farm in Maine. Boy, do I miss REAL eggs!

  2. Ok, that is one gorgeous rooster! And I love that Pepper is so used to the chickens and that they’ve adopted her as their protector. We’re wondering what sort of dog to have as a great farm dog with all sorts of livestock…I’ll be showing my husband this post 🙂

  3. Oh golly, I was just DYING over your email to the PDX backyard chix yesterday…you poor thing. A bit loony from the constant crowing, were you? 4:30am is SO not right…it’s not even light out yet. Of course, I had donkeys braying at 3:15 this morning (my husband was NOT happy), so I’m hardly one to talk, right? 🙂

    Glad the roo has calmed down a bit, he is a beauty!

  4. Maine! Wow! I want turkeys, too. I’m hoping we can find some property that gives us enough room to raise them.

    We’re excited to get real eggs, too – our oldest girls should be laying within the next three or four weeks. We’re so ready!



  5. Robbyn,

    I have to brag on Pepper’s breed a bit. She’s a dual registered Australian Shepherd – and the sweetest dog ever. We got to go out and pick her out after meeting her parents and litter mates – along with cousins, etc. The breeder has a wonderful reputation, and Pepper has been a great fit for our family. She’s a herder, to be sure – you should see her herding the kids when they’re out playing in the yard – it’s a riot! Also why, I’m sure, that she handles the chickens so well.

    Our son William *really* wants us to get another Aussie – a boy – and he really wants us to name the new dog Jack… You know – Pepper Jack. LOL! He’s such a punny kid!




  6. Danni,

    Man – I tell you, I knew we were exercising great caution over roosters in general for a reason – little did I realize how profoundly a rooster could impact us! Wow! I am greatly relieved, that he seems to be settling in and that his crowing marathons are ramping down.

    It’s fortunate that my husband actually gets up at 4:30 anyway, and he now has a backup alarm! LOL! I’ve got to admit, I’ve always struggled with getting up in the morning – I’m so the late night girl – but with a rooster crowing not that far from my bedroom – well, it’s easier now! This rooster may well revolutionize my life!

    Here’s hoping we can find some property that will allow a little more elbow room between coop and my bedroom! 🙂


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