New babies!

Several months ago when I was researching breeds of chickens to raise I came across information for the Welsumer – an older Dutch breed. They are known for their vibrantly colored (deep, deep brown – almost magenta) eggs. They are a dual breed – good for laying and meat. However, when I made my initial inquiries I was told that the likelihood of actually getting any Welsumer’s would be pretty slim. Further investigation confirmed that.

Last evening Danni (Critter Farm Girl blog) posted to our local Yahoo group that the farm supply that we both frequent on occasion actually had quite a few chicks – Welsumers included!

John and I talked it over last night and then again this morning and decided – yep, we’d go ahead and add some Welsumers to our flock.

When I arrived at AgWest, sure enough they still had some Welsumer chicks! It didn’t take long to indicate my interest and get my order together. Seven little chicks came home!

I initially (after some input from a very experienced chicken pro) tried adding the week old girls to the 5 week old girls. Wrong-o! So I quickly gathered them up and kicked into high gear to get the pantry reconfigured with a table and brooder and get the new babies settled.

After checking out their new digs they all konked out. A little later on in the day I brought home some meal worms for a little welcome home treat for them. It took them quite a while to figure out what they were – but once they did, it was a feeding frenzy!

The Welsumers are really adorable. They are very mellow. They are happy to be handled and much more social than the last batch of chicks. Everyone seems to agree that they are the most adorable with their little racing stripes. They also look like they have ancient Egyptian-style eye liner – too funny!

We’re looking forward to watching these chicks grow up!

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