Just when I’m beginning to despair…

…that Spring will never truly arrive… That it will be dreary and rainy and blustery – forever. Then, God brings about little glimpses of not only Spring, but the hope of even – sigh – Summer. Yes, that tiny little red dot is a teensy tiny little lady bug – sans dots! How cool is that?

Look! There will be hydrangeas, eventually. Hooray!

And beautiful, fresh, so sweet they could make you sing – peas.
And there will be, of course, scads of tomatoes – which is only right.

Okay – so for all of you chicken moms out there – take a peek at these two chicks below – the white is a California White, the other a Dominique. Do they look like roosters to you??? Cause they do to me! I know – they’re only 4-ish weeks old, but I’m starting to think they are. There are nodules where spurs are starting to bud out, they’re becoming more and more aggressive… One lady on a local chicken email group says she doesn’t call it until they either crow or lay an egg… Is it possible to know this soon?

Oh – can’t forget this beautiful flower. I threw out some flower seed last summer – it was a mixture and to be perfectly honest I have no recollection of what was in it. I have no idea what this flower is – other than lovely!

And, just to assure my life is never boring…. saw the orthopedic specialist today (one in a long line of them since October, I might add) and do you know what he had the nerve to do? See for yourself:
FOR A MONTH! I only get to take it off when I shower. Stink. Good thing I have the Costco supply of 10 gallon trash bags – I have a feeling I’m going to be going through a lot of them cause the boot has to be covered up whenever I go out into the yard.
So, I won’t despair. Summer is coming. God is faithful. Even when I have to wear an immobilizer!

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