Amazing How Quickly They Grow!

It is total amazing how quickly they grow. Just 23 days ago they were just hatching. Now they have gone from fluff to feathers.

They are flying better each day and love to perch on the side of the brooder box.
The big girls stare with curiosity at these amazing chicks

4 thoughts on “Amazing How Quickly They Grow!

  1. Awww, what cutie pies!! It’s funny how unusual the white one looks to me – she’s a beauty!

    You absolutely *have* to tell me where you got the lid for your hanging feeder? I haven’t seen those anywhere and I can’t keep my girls from, you know, p**ping in their food!!!


  2. Hey Dani! We got the feeder from our handy dandy helpful (even fence altering) guy at Ag-West. He was kind enough to dig one up for us and show us how it worked. Cool, huh?

    I’m in Spain right now so I’m feeing like a negligent mother in regard to my chicks. How can I miss our on this phase of their lives?! My human kiddos I’m pretty sure do fine when I’m not there, tho! LOL!

    The California Whites *are* remarkable looking. They were adorable when they were day old’s and I can’t wait to see them all when I get home in just a couple of days.



  3. I can’t believe you’re posting back to me from Spain – how cool is that??!! Hope you’re having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see THOSE pictures! 🙂

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