Construction and Little Peep Update

Finally I have the chicken yard framed! With transporting teenagers hither and yon, septic tank issues, etc. it has taken much longer than I planned. I thought I would have it finished by now.

This is “Mr. Darcy” He is our Dominique rooster. We also have a California White that appears to be a rooster as well, but we haven’t named him yet. He might not be a permanent resident.

This is “Shelley” She’s sporting the latest in bent comb fashion.

This is “Ducky”. She’s the “extra” chicken we were given. The man at the farm supply thought she might be a Maran, instead of a Dominique. We think this may be the case as her markings are different as she matures and she has “black-ish” feet. For more info on Marans – check out the following website:

Just the chicks hanging out.

Scary Space Alien Chicken that dropped by. Actually it is a clay creation of our 11-year old son.


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