The little girls are getting so big! When Jessica’s friend came out to see them she exclaimed that they were huge. We’ve named two of them already, this one is speedy(right), she’s so tiny. Most of the other chicks are twice her size. The other one that we’ve named is Shelly.
The big girls love to go outside. It’s so funny, you just open their little door and they hop right out. However, when it’s time to go back inside they are super hard to catch. We;ve had a few close encounters wher they’ve wandered too close to Jake or Caleb (our cats) but so far they’ve come out just fine. We all can not wait for their yard to be built it’s going to be so nice. Hopefully John will finish that this weekend. 🙂

This is such a cute picture i just had to post it. It looks like the cover of a movie lol.

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  1. Thanks Robin! We’re having so much fun with the chicks and photography! Who knew chickens were so photogenic!?



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