Our coop is full of chicks!

The yard has yet to be completed, but the girls are *all* sleeping in the coop tonight. Woo Hoo!
You can see a bit in this picture (taken through the window – so there’s a bit of glare) that the big girls are on the right side of the coop, and on the storage side of the coop is the cardboard box brooder with the new – now 1 week old – chicks on the other side of the chicken wire wall.

After some trial and error, we were able to ascertain that TWO brooder lights are what are needed with the cooler spring air.
It’s interesting that the chicks seem more active now that they’re out in the coop for some reason. We’ve wondered if it’s because there’s so much more natural light or something to that effect?
Interestingly enough – they are singing their very happy and contented cheeps and at last check had settled down and snuggled up next to one another – looking very much like a downy little carpet! They’re so adorable!

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