New babies!

Yesterday morning our order of chicks arrived. I had ordered 5 Dominiques and 5 California Whites the same day we picked up the older girls (March 26th). It’s one thing to see the tiny little day old chicks in the catalog – but to actually hold one? PRECIOUS!

This little one is one of the Dominiques. We actually ended up with six – although there’s a chance the extra chick could be a stray Moran. Either way we’re fine with it.

Jessica is loving the tiny babies. She was back East visiting her Grandparents when the older girls arrived – they were over a week old when we got them, possibly a couple of weeks old, we’re not sure. So this is an entirely different experience getting to bring the tiny babies home!

The brooder this time was a lot less stress! We ended up going down to The Container Store at Bridgeport and purchasing a 36x36x10 cardboard box and setting it up on a table in the pantry. (Good thing we have such a huge pantry!) We decided to go with the long narrow chick feeder since there were so many more chicks than when we started.

I’ve also had the good fortune to run into dear friend Michelle who lives west of here and is an experienced chicken keeper. She’s given me lots of excellent and exceedingly practical advice. What a blessing!

We’re loving the babies! The big girls *are* a tad bit – well, maybe? – jealous! They are curious at the very least. The noises they make in response to the babies cries are amazing and varied. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops!

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