The coop

Walls are going up!

I love the clear roof! Since the coop is between two sizeable and quite aged trees, I think every opportunity to get additional light in there is important.

John has installed 1/4″ hardware cloth at all gaps as we have a pretty significant racoon population.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Two walls sided and a window in! Woo Hoo!

John has done such a wonderful job designing this coop!

We think we’ll have the girls in the coop within the week. John will continue to work on the coop after he gets home from work as weather allows, and then once everything is done construction wise, we’ll start in on the painting.

We’ve decided to use a mariner’s varnish on the interior – at least mid-way up the walls. Then we’ll paint the exterior a color that blends well

with the landscape. The kids are, however, clamoring for a side to paint a mural of some sort on. We’ll see! I’m actually kind of hoping to get a clematis or some other lovely perennial growing on the east side of the coop. Time will tell, though.

I am trying to dig up all of the excess stone and ceramic tiles that we have left over from years past to “pave around the human access points to the coop. This last view is where the egg collection door will be – so we’ll definitely want to make this access as mud-free as possible!


2 thoughts on “The coop

  1. Beautiful!! This is going to be a gorgeous home for your girls! What is the door to the little framed area to the right hand side? I’m assuming the little framed area under the window is the chicken door, is the other little framed area another chicken door?

    Really like the idea of the clear roof – that is soooo cool! 🙂

  2. Hi Dina! I am on the PDX chicken list and am peeking at your chick blog! Your new chicks are adorable and I love the pics of your coop going up, what are your dimensions on your coop? I have six eight week old girls and we are still working on their coop, we have the run finished and are so ready to get them out their 24/7, I lug them back and forth from the room their brooder is in to the run morning and night! It is fun to see your accounts!

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