My how time flies!

It’s funny how when you first get chicks it seems like time stops and everything revolves around their growth, development, antics, and feats of wonder. As time goes by, they gradually ease themselves into the fabric of day to day life.

It has been phenomenal how quickly – and profoundly – the girls have grown! They are HUGE! And they’ve come to take the big events in life as normal everyday rights! (Much like children! LOL!) They *LOVE* field trips out into the yard. (Oh, if only our Oregon weather would remember that it’s supposed to be spring – NOT winter!)

They’ve spent hours and hours outdoors – and they adore it! (As well, they ought!)

The last really nice day they were outdoors for six hours – and boy were they pooped out by the time we brought them inside – they just crashed and slept soundly!

Here’s a hilarious picture of the girls with Pepper – our Aussie. Pepper wants so badly to play with the girls!

We’ve been amazed at how well behaved Pepper has been thus far. She’s had a number of opportunities to have a “chicken snack” but has shown great restraint. (Well, she is a big time people pleaser! Her people would be very DISpleased if she did!)
On several occasions the girls have flown down off of the side of the brooder and landed right at Pepper’s feet – and she’s whined – but just sat back for the most part. (Although she really just wants some undisturbed time to pin one of them down and give it a good bath – like she often does with the cats! – I’m sure!)
Never dull here! 🙂

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