The Coop is coming along.

Woo Hoo! The coop has begun to take shape. My *amazing* and beyond wonderful husband worked all day long and then came home and laid out the start of the coop. Here is the foundation and floor – finished on the first day.

We’re continually awed by the lightening speed rate that the chicks are growing! It seems as if it’s impossible that they were ever truly little chicks. They continue to eat voraciously, and get a little more bold and adventuresome each day. They are more and more interested in the window sill and looking out on the outside world! They seem quite taken with the Stellar’s Jays that come to feed at the feeder outside their window. The Jays will look in at the chickens, and the chickens will look out at the Jays. It’s pretty comical!

On Sunday afternoon he got the frame for the first two walls up – even though it was not only COLD enough to snow, but it actually *did* snow! This weather is insane!

With the girls growing so quickly – and the weather as cool as it is – it’s becoming more and more apparent how important this coop is! We think the chicks are about six or seven weeks old. They are technically old enough to move to a coop – given they have a heat source available to them when the temperature is too cool. Our goal is to get the coop done in the next week or two.

It’s hard to believe how much more room the girls take up in the brooder! There’s not much room for them to even turn around any more. Hence, they spend a lot of time perched, or venturing out of the brooder. It’s not at all unusual to find them wandering the floor of the pantry. They don’t seem at all phased by the possibility of flying from the edge of the brooder down to the floor – even though it looks like a HUGE distance to me.
Henrietta continues to be the leader of the pack. Things are certainly quieter with Little Bit gone. They girls are just less high strung with him gone. We do kind of miss him, but it’s just so obvious what a happier little trio the girls are without him around that it’s hard to feel sad.
We’re still loving our chicks. We continue to be wowed by the fact that they seem to crave interaction with humans. Henrietta is the most bold – but any of the three of them will *very* happily hop onto an arm or shoulder of whomever happens to be close by, and then will settle down and snuggle – loving to be petted.
We love them, and are looking forward to continuing watching them develop!

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