Little Bit must go!

Why the other chicks got totally feminine names and Little Bit didn’t is a mystery. It just seemed like Little Bit was the most appropriate name for *ahem* “her.” Seems, however that Little Bit is very much NOT a her at all, but a HE! I’ve thought long and hard about breeds and the like, and knew that sexing chicks is a BIG deal – with about a 90 to 95% success rate. I’ve heard from quite a few folks lately who ended up with 2 cockerels out of their five chicks, or 1 out of 3, or the like. I guess our odds aren’t that bad – one out of four.

[You can see in this picture that his comb is becoming much more pronounced, and he’s developed wattles, as well.]
At first I thought I might keep him. But the more I’ve read and learned and observed, the more convinced that I don’t want a Rhode Island Red rooster. If I ended up with a Dominique or California White rooster, I’d be okay with it. But not a RIR.
So Little bit must go!

I’ve found a very nice lady via Craigslist who has 15 RIR girls looking for a beau. Little Bit will be in Rooster heaven! He will be re-homed on Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime I’ve actually quarentined him. He’s gotten QUITE unruly and aggressive. He keeps the girls in a dither whenever he’s around them, and I’m tired of it! His spurs have begun to show and I can only imagine what it will be like when they’re available to him.

I was sad at first at the thought of having to say goodbye to him. The longer he’s around and the more developed his male personality becomes – the less sad I am! I am absolutely ASTOUNDED at how rapidly he’s gone from being seemingly asexual (which of course he wasn’t, it was just very difficult to discern the difference) to VERY male. He’s quite a cranky boy!

Honestly, I think all of us (the girls included!) will breathe a sigh of relief when he’s gone.

One thought on “Little Bit must go!

  1. You know, people keep telling me that it’s still too early to tell for certain if I have a rooster (my chicks are 6 weeks old and I think I’ve got a Silver-Laced Wyandotte roo), but looking at the photo of your RIR, I can tell you, neither of my two RIRs have wattles growing like that! Your chicks are younger than mine, too, aren’t they?
    Bye, bye Little Bit… 🙂

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