1st Field Trip!

Finally – a sunny day! Not just sunny, but relatively warm, as well! Phew! What a wacky spring this has been! We’ve had snow, sleet, hail, rain – and then some more of all – sometimes all at the same time. It’s been totally nuts! But today – GLORIOUS!

I decided it was warm enough to take the chicks out to the yard.

Probably the best way to tell the tale is with photos…


Above: The girls corralled by various asundry bins.

Left: wasn’t long before we had a couple of escapees!

Left: they were pretty sure in pretty quick order that *outside* of the bins was WAY better than inside them!

Jess keeping Pepper in line… boy did she want to herd those chicks!

My but they loved the garden the very best! I honestly think they would have stayed out there ALL DAY LONG given the option. When they finally did come out they settled down and napped – phew! playing outside is hard work for little chicks!

One thought on “1st Field Trip!

  1. Awww, I love that last picture the best…she looks so happy in your pretty garden! Wasn’t the weather Friday and yesterday just amazing? I had my girls outside in my garden again with me today and then this crazy new weather pattern started blowing in…brrrrr! Here we go again with the chilly, wet stuff. 🙂

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